2019 CPBL Foreign Players Tracker

Foreign players come and goes. So, here is the 2019 CPBL foreign players tracker. We will continue to update this blog post throughout the season. [Last updated: November 20, 2019]

NAMECPBL TEAMHighest LevelSeasons in CPBL
Michael NixLamigo MonkeysTriple-A3
Zeke SpruillLamigo MonkeysMLB3
Radhames LizLamigo MonkeysMLB1
Roger BernadinaLamigo MonkeysMLB1
Matthew GrimesLamigo MonkeysTriple-A1
Thomas DorminyLamigo MonkeysDouble-A1
Josh RoenickeUni-LionsMLB2
Ryan VerdugoUni-LionsMLB2
Austin Bibens-DirkxUni-LionsMLB1
Chinen KohyaUni-LionsJPN (BCL)2
Alec AsherUni-LionsMLB1
Mike LoreeFubon GuardiansDouble-A7
Bryan WoodallFubon GuardiansTriple-A5
Henry SosaFubon GuardiansMLB1
Ryan BollingerFubon GuardiansTriple-A1
Travis BanwartFubon GuardiansTriple-A1
Nick AdditonChinatrust BrothersTriple-A4
Mitch LivelyChinatrust BrothersTriple-A2
Eric WoodChinatrust BrothersTriple-A1
Bruce KernChinatrust BrothersDouble-A4
Alex LiddiChinatrust BrothersMLB1
Elih VillanuevaChinatrust BrothersMLB2
Casey HarmanChinatrust BrothersDouble-A1
Brett OberholtzerChinatrust BrothersMLB1
Munenori KawasakiWei Chuan DragonsMLB1
Edison BarriosWei Chuan DragonsNPB1
Hiroaki SaiuchiWei Chuan DragonsNPB1
Anthony VizcayaWei Chuan DragonsDouble-A1
Jared WilsonWei Chuan DragonsHigh-A1

Lamigo Monkeys Foreign Players

Michael Nix (麥克爾 / 尼克斯)

Zeke Spill (史博威) – Released

Radhames Liz (李茲)

Roger Bernadina (柏納帝那) – Released

Matthew Grimes (冠猛) – Released

Thomas Dorminy (多猛)

  • 1992/06/01
  • Pitcher (LHP)
  • Reached Double-A
  • First season in CPBL (Monkeys)
  • Baseball Reference Profile
  • 2019 CPBL status – Signed (August 11, 2019)

Uni-Lions Foreign Players

Ryan Verdugo (瑞安)

Chinen Kohya (知念広弥) – Released

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (奧斯丁) – Released

Josh Roenicke (羅里奇)

Alec Asher (亞力克)

Fubon Guardians Foreign Players

Mike Loree (羅力 / 雷力)

Fubon Guardians Mike Loree pitched a 7 perfect innings against Uni-Lions

Bryan Woodall (伍鐸) – Released

Henry Sosa (索沙) – KBO Buyout

Ryan Bollinger (包林傑)

Travis Banwart (班華德)

Chinatrust Brothers Foreign Players

Nick Additon (艾迪頓) – Released

Mitch Lively (萊福力)

Eric Wood (艾銳克) – Released

Bruce Kern (克恩三世 / 肯恩) – Released

Lamigo Monkeys have sign Bruce Kern for 2018 CPBL season

Alex Liddi (里迪) – Released

Elih Villanueva (紐維拉)

Casey Harman (赫猛)

Brett Oberholtzer (布瑞特)

Wei Chuan Dragons Foreign Players

Munenori Kawasaki (川崎宗則)

  • 1981/06/03
  • Infielder (2B, SS)
  • MLB 2012-2016 (Mariners, Blue Jays, Cubs)
  • First season in CPBL (Dragons)
  • Baseball Reference Profile
  • 2019 CPBL status – Signed (July 9, 2019)

Edison Barrios (巴里歐茲)

Hiroaki Saiuchi (歳内宏明)

Anthony Vizcaya

Jared Wilson


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