CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #94

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Lamigo Monkeys News: Roger Bernadina

With the first-half season coming to an end, the Lamigo Monkeys have released outfielder Roger Bernadina on June 30. “We thank Bernadina for his contributions in capturing the first-half season title,” as per the Monkeys’ press release.

The Monkeys signed Roger Bernadina back in mid-April as the farm team backup foreign player. It was not until May 20, where he received the call-up to the Monkeys’ first team.

The seven-season MLB veteran finished his 2019 CPBL season with .256/.365/.378 and two home runs across 24 games, 107 plate appearances. Due to his recent slump, his wRC+ has dropped down to 98.

Lamigo Monkeys News: Matthew Grimes

With Bernadina departing, the Monkeys will now call up right-hander Matthew Grimes from the farm team. Although there is no date set for Grimes’ CPBL debut, he is expected to go into the Monkeys’ rotation when the second-half season starts on July 5.

The 27-year-old former Baltimore Orioles farmhand joined the Monkeys on June 11 and had one start in the farm team where he allowed six hits and one earned run across five innings.

Further Readings

Foreign players come and goes, therefore we compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players signing for the 2019 CPBL season.


  1. Now we get to see what Matthew Grimes can do. I’m a little sad that Bernadina didn’t stick — he was a good player the last two years in the KBO. My guess is that Bernadina’s next stop is the Mexican League (or the Atlantic League if there are no LMB openings). It would be interesting to see how Bernadina hits in Mexico after underperforming in Taiwan.

    A number of foreign position players have gotten a shot this year, but so far none as cut the mustard. There must be some that can, but we haven’t seen them yet. In the meantime, all the more reason for CPBL teams to stick to foreign starting pitchers.

    • Unless they change the rule to make it mandatory to have foreign hitter, it is going to be extremely hard for foreign hitters to justified their stay in CPBL. (They need to be putting up Barry Bonds-esque number to make it work)

      Even if Bernadina hits 3/4/4, the Monkeys will probably still cut him for a pitcher. However, if Bernadina signed with the Uni-Lions, maybe with all the injuries they have, he might get to stay the entire season.

    • The Guardians signed Dave Kubiak back in 2017, but he never got promoted to the first team. Only had 3 starts in the Guardians’ minor league team and posted a 2.21 ERA. 0.93 WHIP over 20.1 innings. I honestly have no idea why no CPBL teams want to bring him back.


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