CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #197

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Guardians 2022 Lineup: 2 Foreign Hitters?

On November 15, the Fubon Guardians team owner Chris Tsai went on the P. League podcast to talk about his professional basketball team, the Fubon Braves, and answer some fans’ questions.

During the show, there was a question regarding the Guardians’ future plan for foreign players. Chris Tsai then revealed that they are planning to sign two foreign hitters for the 2022 CPBL season.

“We will announce it once we complete the signing. This is something that is a work in progress,” said Chris Tsai. “The 2021 CPBL season is still not over yet, and we will not talk about the next season’s foreign players for the time being.”

The Guardians team owner also hinted the team is likely to go with two foreign pitchers and two foreign position players format. The team can freely adjust the number of foreign hitters in the first team based on their needs.

CPBL Foreign Players Regulations

Under the current CPBL foreign players regulations, each team can register up to four foreign players on their active roster. There is a three foreign players limit in the first team, but the team can freely rotate the players on the active roster by moving them up and down between the first and farm team.

The team can technically sign an unlimited number of foreign players as long they are not on the active roster. Those players that are not on the active roster can only play in the farm league.

Targeting Middle Infielders with Power and Glove

On November 16, the Guardians manager Hong I-Chung chimed in on this foreign hitters matter and confirmed they are currently looking for foreign hitters next season.

“We will get at least one foreign hitter,” Hong I-Chung told SET News. “Ideally, we want middle infielders that can hit for power and also can contribute defensively, but someone like that is hard to find in the foreign players market. There is too much uncertainty.”

Guardians foreign hitters saga in 2021

In 2021, the Guardians signed Yamaico Navarro, but the CPBL voided his contract due to his past criminal records. [Further Reading]

The team also briefly signed Eduardo Núñez, but the former MLB infielder left Taiwan after only seven games due to family reasons. [Further Reading]

Álex Guerrero, the former NPB home run leader, also reached an agreement with the Guardians. But he decided to opt out of the contract because the CPBL season was suspended due to the pandemic. [Further Reading]


  1. Pablo Sandoval as a CPBL player? He is reportedly looking for a job for 2022.

    Pablo is a good bet for the CPBL if it is the best guaranteed offer he gets. My understanding is that Pablo spends it as fast as he earns it, and he’s earned a whole lot.

  2. Fubon’s manager is a character. He wants a middle infielder with power who can play defense? Good luck with that. I bet he also wants another pitcher who can consistently locate a 155+ kph fastball at the corners of the strike zone and has a plus off-speed pitch to go with it.

    • Hahaha yeah, I think even he knows it’s not going to happen. So maybe we’ll get 1 power outfielder and 1 standard middle infield next year.

      Maybe the Lotte Giants Dixon Machado would be a good fit.


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