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CTBC Brothers News: Teddy Stankiewicz

On November 1, UDN reported that the Uni-Lions are interested in re-signing Teddy Stankiewicz and bringing him back for the 2022 CPBL season.

However, things are not going that smoothly for the Uni-Lions on the re-signing front, as there are other competitors in the market also trying to sign the 27-year-old American right-hander.

According to several media outlets, the CTBC Brothers have set their eyes on the former Uni-Lions ace and contacted Stankiewicz’s agent.

“We have reached a preliminary understanding with Teddy Stankiewicz,” the Brothers general manager told ETtoday.

Uni-Lions Out of the Race?

Based on what the Uni-Lions general manager told the media, it would appear that they no longer wish to compete in the bidding war with the Brothers for Teddy Stankiewicz. The team is likely to shift its resources to retain Brock Dykxhoorn for the 2022 season.

“We still maintain contact with Stankiewicz’s agent. We will always welcome him back with open arms,” said Uni-Lions GM.

All Depends On NPB and KBO

UDN indicated that Teddy Stankiewicz is still seeking opportunities in Japan’s NPB or Korea’s KBO at this stage. However, if there is no contract by December, he is highly likely to return to the CPBL and sign with the CTBC Brothers.

In the first half of the 2021 season, Teddy Stankiewicz posted an impressive 1.18 ERA and 0.69 WHIP over 53.1 innings for the Uni-Lions.

Due to the CPBL suspended its season over pandemic concerns, in early July, Teddy Stankiewicz decided to leave the Uni-Lions and go represent Mexico in the Tokyo Olympics, hoping to land a contract in the NPB or KBO.

Since Teddy Stankiewicz left the Uni-Lions before the trade deadline, other CPBL teams can freely approach him without the Uni-Lions consent and sign him without any penalty.

How Much and How Long?

In recent years, the CTBC Brothers are known to be the team that spend big for their foreign players. Maybe the Brothers offered something between $400K to 600K USD to Teddy Stankiewicz? Perhaps they offered him a multi-year deal? I guess we will find out in December.

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  1. Interesting, I’m rooting for him to go to KBO or NPB as it should further entice younger players to consider signing with CPBL teams after Ariel Miranda’s dominance and Ryan Carpenter’s successful 2021 in the KBO after a successful 2020 season.

    • If the Brothers can throw $500K to $700K to Stankiewicz, then I would prefer we keep him in Taiwan.

      Because what we want is for teams to start spending big on their foreign players. Guardians and the Brothers are already sort of doing it, just need to get more teams to do it as well.


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