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CTBC Brothers News: Teddy Stankiewicz

Talk about adding another ace to your already rock-solid rotation. On December 3, the CTBC Brothers announced the signing of Teddy Stankiewicz for the 2022 CPBL season.

According to ETtoday, both parties reached a preliminary understanding back in early November and managed to finalise the deal at the end of November.

At this stage, the Brothers have not released any information regarding Teddy Stankiewicz’s 2022 salary. But based on the report from UDN, Teddy Stankiewicz’s salary is said to be around 500,000 USD.

The 28-year-old American right-hander is widely considered to be one of the top-tier CPBL foreign players in the past few seasons. During Teddy Stankiewicz’s short stint with the Uni-Lions in 2021, he posted a dominating 1.18 ERA and 0.69 WHIP over 53.1 innings.

Despite being the ace of the Uni-Lions, in early July, the team parted ways with Teddy Stankiewicz because he wanted to represent Team Mexico in the Tokyo Olympics. And after the Olympics, he will be seeking opportunities elsewhere.

According to the Brothers, Teddy Stankiewicz is currently training in Texas and working out in a few private training facilities.

“I am very excited and honoured to be coming back to Taiwan next year,” said Teddy Stankiewicz. “My goal is to win the Taiwan Series Championship for the Brothers again.”

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  1. MLB’s lock-out probably had a lot to do with the deal with the Brothers’ deal being finalized now. If Stanky wanted a contract with a KBO team, he probably would have been wiser to pitch a full 2021 season in the CPBL.

    • I think he was banking on KBO mid-season contract after the Olympics. But I guess didn’t quite pan out for him.

      As for salary, I suspect he is likely to get somewhere between 450K to 600K USD a year with the Brothers? It would also be interesting to see if the Brothers will go for Brock Dykxhoorn too.

      Good move by the Brothers to retain a young quality starter like Teddy Stankiewicz in Taiwan.

  2. Accoding to a Korean article, Hsu Jo-Hsi is eyeing to a team in KBO.

    I have some questions. Is there a buyout? Is there an opt-out? How much do you think the transfer fee is necessary?

    • According to the CPBL regulations. Players need to accumulate at least 3 service years in the 1st team to be eligible for international FA.

      There’s no buyout or opt-out before he is eligible international FA status and have the team’s permission to go overseas.

      Hard to say with the transfer fee. I don’t work for the Dragons, so I don’t know how much they want.

      I believe there are multiple MLB teams are looking at Hsu Jo-Hsi too.


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