Camping inside the stadium during the 2017 All-Star weekend?

The 2017 CPBL All-Star game is going to the rural east coast of Taiwan for the first time in 28 years.  Fans have spotted something very interesting on the official All-Star game website, on the “Events” dropdown menu there is a page for “夜宿球場” which mean stay overnight at the stadium.

Found this on the 2017 CPBL All-Star game website. Was able to screencap before it was removed

With Hualien stadium located on the east coast, it is not exactly an easy place for fans who live on the west coast to get to via public transportation.  Is it possible the event organiser is planning to set up some sort of camping ground inside of the stadium for fans over the All-Star weekend?  Since the discovery, the official website has now removed the “overnight at the stadium” page for now.

2017 CPBL All-Star Game teaser.

Red Team Vote Leaders (on 16-May)

  • SP: Bryan Woodall (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • RP: Chou Lei (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • CL: Chen Yun-Wen (Uni-Lions)
  • C: Kuo Chun-Wei (Uni-Lions)
  • 1B: Hsu Chi-Hung (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 2B: Pan Ting-Hsiang (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 3B: Tseng Tao-Jung (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • SS: Chen Chieh-Hsien (Uni-Lions)
  • OF: Chen Tzu-Hao (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • OF: Chan Tzu-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • OF: Wang Po-Jung (Lamigo Monkeys)
  • DH: Chiang Chih-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers)

Chinatrust Brothers players: 8
Uni-Lions players: 3
Lamigo Monkeys players: 1

White Team Vote Leaders (on 16-May)

  • SP: Cheng Kai-Wen (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • RP: Cheng Chi-Hung (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • CL: Chen Hung-Wen (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • C: Chen Chia-Chu (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 1B: Peng Cheng-Min (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 2B: Chen Chiang-Ho (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 3B: Lin Chih-Sheng (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • SS: Wang Sheng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • OF: Chang Chih-Hao (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • OF: Chang Cheng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers)
  • OF: Kao Kuo-Hui (Fubon Guardians)
  • DH: Chou Szu-Chi (Chinatrust Brothers)

Chinatrust Brothers players: 11
Fubon Guardians players: 1

Top 5 popular players

  • 1B: Peng Cheng-Min (Chinatrust Brothers) 107,131
  • OF: Chang Chih-Hao (Chinatrust Brothers) 98,204
  • DH: Chiang Chih-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers) 97,519
  • SS: Wang Sheng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers) 96,709
  • 2B: Pan Ting-Hsiang (Chinatrust Brothers) 96,523

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