Players Union threatens to boycott future Hualien stadium games

The annual CPBL All-Star weekend is well on the way, however the Players Union is unsatisfied with the Hualien stadium field conditions.  And threatens to boycott all future Hualien games if this issue goes unsolved by the league.

The dreadful field condition of Hualien Stadium at the 2017 CPBL All-Star Game

Players and fans can be seen during live broadcast with temporary tattoos on their body saying “Under Construction – Stay Clear!” & “It’s very dangerous here!” To protest playing in such an unsafe field.

Players with temporary tattoos to draw public attentions to the field condition

Significant of Hualien / East Coast region

Hualien county is located in the east coast of Taiwan.  The beautiful rural east coast is often referred as the cradle of Taiwanese baseball.  As the region have produced countless famous baseball players playing at CPBL, NPB and the MLB level.

To a lot of CPBL players, coming back to the East Coast of Taiwan is like some sort of homecoming for them.  As it is the place where they first started their baseball journey.

While it’s a nice gesture from the league to bring All-Star event to the east coast for the 1st time in 28 years.  However, the stadium itself is not up for the professional standard.  And the players and players union have had enough of it.

Players Union handing out temporary tattoos for fans in the stadium

Statement from Players Union

The following is taken from the official press release by TPBPA (CPBL Players Union) yesterday just before the 2017 All-Star Game.

Since 2016, the players union have been visiting / evaluating all the stadiums in Taiwan.  With the idea of providing the safety recommendations to the local government and the league.

Doing so, the union have achieved very positive results.  As the local city council from Chiayi, Hsinchu and Yilan have all taken the recommendations and start renovating the stadium to improve the safety of the players.


The union is baffled by the league’s decision of choosing Hualien stadium to host the 2017 All-Star Game, knowing beforehand the field conditions is way below the standard.

Hualien stadium is known for its beautiful scenery, but terrible stadium and field

The union fully support the idea coming to East Coast Taiwan and giving back to the community.  However does not approve the condition of the field and the state of the stadium facilities for safety reason.

Should the league continue to ignore the unions request on players safety, further harsher action by the union will be implemented.  Including the possibility of boycotting all stadiums which the union see unfit for professional baseball in the future.

Taiwan baseball stadium rating

According the annual stadium rating released by the Sports Administration, Hualien stadium currently have a rating of C.  Stadium with a C rating is only suitable for practice, amateur games and it is unfit for professional baseball.

The overall rating system is compiled by several subcategories. Such as stadium structures, field conditions, lighting and stadium facilities.

RankStadiumOpenedOverall Grade
1Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium2006A
2Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium2009A
3Chengcing Lake Baseball Stadium (Kaohsiung)1999A
4Douliu Baseball Stadium2005A
5Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium1997B
6Tianmu Baseball Stadium1999B
7Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium1931B
8Hsinchu CKS Baseball Stadium1976B
9Pingtung Baseball Field1979B
10Chiayi Baseball Field1907B
11Taichung Baseball Field (Old Taichung)1935C
12Chiayi County Baseball Stadium1996C
13Taitung Baseball Stadium2006C
14Hualien Baseball Stadium2001C
15Luodong Baseball Field1992C
16Kaohsiung Li De Baseball StadiumUnknown - Japan EraD


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