CPBL All-Star Game roster announced. Bros fans outraged over voting system

The balloting for the 2017 CPBL All-Star Game has comes to an end, and the final ASG starting lineup has been announced.  However, Brothers fans and organisation are outraged over the new All-Star Game voting system this year.

The new voting system has made the fans votes insignificant, what’s the point for fans to vote if the “experts panel votes” (made up by players, coaches and press) ends up dictating the final All-Star Game starting lineup” Said Chinatrust Brothers GM.

The 2017 All-Star Game voting system is a little different from the previous seasons, as the press votes now plays a much bigger role (40%) in the balloting process.  Instead of using the total number of votes for final starting lineup.  Now the total votes is used for position ranking before applying the fans (60%) and experts (40%) weighted adjustment.

Sounds confusing?  Maybe this will clear it up.  Under the below calculation, Player A, B and D will get selected.  Despite ranked #3 after the initial voting, Player C will not be selected after the weighted adjustment.

2017 CPBL All-Star roster breakdown by team

All-Star Red Team (Under 24)

  • SP 史博威 (Zeke Spruill) Monkeys
  • RP 朱俊祥 (Chu Chun-Hsiang) Monkeys
  • CP 陳韻文 (Chen Yun-Wen) Lions
  • C 郭峻偉 (Kuo Chun-Wei) Lions
  • 1B 陳俊秀 (Chen Chun-Hsiu) Monkeys
  • 2B 潘萣翔 (Pan Ting-Hsiang) Brothers
  • 3B 曾陶鎔 (Tseng Tao-Jung) Brothers
  • SS 陳傑憲 (Chen Chih-Hsien) Lions
  • OF 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao) Brothers
  • OF 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) Monkeys
  • OF 林哲瑄 (Lin Che-Hsuan Guardians
  • DH 蔣智賢 (Chiang Chih-Hsien Brothers

All-Star White Team (Over 24)

  • SP 鄭凱文 (Cheng Kai-Wen) Brothers
  • RP 林柏佑 (Lin Po-Yu) Monkeys
  • CP 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun) Monkeys
  • C 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang) Lions
  • 1B 彭政閔 (Peng Cheng-Min) Brothers
  • 2B 林志祥 (Lin Chih-Hsiang) Lions
  • 3B 林智勝 (Lin Chih-Sheng) Brothers
  • SS 王勝偉 (Wang Sheng-Wei) Brothers
  • OF 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao) Brothers
  • OF 高國輝 (Kao Kuo-Hui) Guardians
  • OF 張正偉 (Chang Cheng-Wei) Brothers
  • DH 周思齊 (Chou Szu-Chi) Brothers

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