CPBL 2017 All-Star Game starting lineup

CPBL have announced the 2017 All-Star Game starting lineup for tomorrow at Hualien stadium (8~9th July).  For the first time in 28 years, the CPBL ASG will be heading to the rural east coast of Taiwan.

2017 CPBL All-Star Game Uniforms

The 2017 ASG uniform will have the traditional Taiwanese aboriginal patterns, along with the popular Hualien county mascots “Blue Orca” and “Red face duck”.

Team Red starting lineup

1Brothers張正偉Chang Cheng-Wei0.3610.4310.483130
2Lions林志祥Lin Chih-Hsiang0.2660.3490.33578
3Brothers周思齊Chou Szu-Chi0.3180.4210.480127
4Brothers彭政閔Peng Cheng-Min0.3210.4150.388107
5Brothers林智勝Lin Chih-Sheng0.2990.3940.585139
6Brothers張志豪Chang Chih-Hao0.3270.3710.626143
7Lions高志綱Kao Chih-Kang0.2280.2900.25243
8Brothers王勝偉Wang Seng-Wei0.2800.3400.35878
9Guardians高國輝Kao Kuo-Hui0.2180.2900.43680
SPBrothers鄭凱文Cheng Kai-Wen4.331.473.85111

Team White starting lineup

1Brothers陳子豪Chen Tzu-Hao0.3280.3880.668159
2Lions陳傑憲Chen Chieh-Hsien0.4000.4590.538148
3Monkeys王柏融Wang Po-Jung0.4040.4880.693193
4Monkeys陳俊秀Chen Chun-Hsiu0.3310.4000.558134
5Brothers蔣智賢Chiang Chih-Hsien0.3550.3990.654158
6Guardians林哲瑄Lin Che-Hsuan0.2720.3590.38089
7Brothers曾陶鎔Tseng Tao-Jung0.3220.4090.658160
8Lions郭峻偉Kuo Chun-Wei0.2120.2780.24237
9Brothers潘萣翔Pan Ting-Hsiang0.3510.4220.421115
SPMonkeys史博威Zeke Spruill2.271.142.93212

2017 All-Star Game schedule

The 2017 ASG event is expect to start in 1pm in the afternoon.  ASG game on the 8th July and the HR derby on the 9th.  As for why the early start?  According to the league, the decision is purely based on weather and transportation as some fans might want to head back to the west coast after the game.

2017 CPBL ASG Starting Lineup & HR Derby roster. Photo Credit: (CPBL Facebook)

2017 ASG Home Run Derby promo

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