Yang Yao-Hsun sets CPBL HR derby record with 56 HR

Lamigo Monkeys pitcher turned hitter 陽耀勳 (Yang Yao-Hsun) shows off his raw power in the 2017 CPBL Home Run Derby this weekend.  In three rounds of competition, Yang hits total of 56 homers (8, 22, 26) which set the CPBL record for most home runs in the All-Star Weekend.

The home run derby event have raised over 10,000 USD which will be donated to the Hualien special education centre which operated by the local catholic church.

CPBL 2017 HR Derby roster

Format of 2017 HR Derby

  • Time based – each round will be 2.30 minutes.
  • 45 seconds timeout during the round.
  • 30 seconds of charity round.

1st round

2nd round

Final round – Meet your HR derby champ Yang Yao-Hsun

Stuff you missed in 2017 home run derby

Here’s something I spotted at the 2017 ASG closing ceremonial.  And let’s be fair, watching people fall down is never not funny.

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One of my favorite moment from 2016 CPBL HR Derby

Here’s one of my favourite moment from the 2016 HR derby.  Featured my favorite CPBL umpire / comedy man 楊崇煇 (Yang Chong-Hui).  I guess one day I’ll do another feature article about him.  But for the time being, enjoy this timeless gif.


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