Lamigo announce retro theme nights & revival of black uniform

Lamigo Monkeys have announced their #4 theme nights “Our Time”, a highly praised retro theme nights which heavily focused on Taiwanese cultures from the 60s all the way to the 90s.  The retro event will take place at Taoyuan stadium on the 20~21 of May.

Our Time, Lamigo Monkeys’ 2017 retro theme nights event poster.

Retro theme nights event uniform

For the retro theme weekend, Monkeys also announced the revival of the popular black uniform.  The organisation even designed the 2017 uniform poster based on the original 2014 promotional poster.  (Credit to Twitter user @ciaounicorn for the tip!)

The 2014 weekend exclusive black uniform features the screaming ape logo on the left chest with red stripes highlight on a full black jersey, it was an instant hit amongst Monkeys fans.

The revival of the popular 2014 black weekend uniform

Take a trip down memory lane

Throughout the retro theme weekend there will be plenty of traditional Taiwanese toys and street games available outside of the stadium for older fans to re-live their childhood memories.  There’s even going to be a traditional outdoor cinema set up showing the old Taiwanese movies.  Here’s an example of what to expect outside of the stadium (2016 retro day event highlight)

Lamigo Monkeys 2017 retro theme night poste



Collaboration with legendary comic artists.

Lamigo Monkeys have collaborated with the legendary comic book artist 劉興欽 (Liu Xing-Qin) who is widely considered to be the pioneer of Taiwanese comics in the 1950s.  Amongst the list of collaborating artist, there’s also 林政德 (Lin Cheng-Te), the creator of the popular Young Guns series in the 90s.  Fans will have a chance to meet and see both artists artworks at the stadium during this retro weekend event.

Dance showdown

The veteran singer 葉復台 (Yeh Fu-Tai) who has more than 50 years of experience as professional dance instructor will bring his dance group “Formosa Girls” to the weekend event.  Armed with the classic 1960s dance moves, Yeh and his Formosa Girls will have dance showdown with Monkeys’ cheerleaders (LamiGirls) throughout the weekend event.

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