2017 CPBL All-Star Game : All You Need to Know

For the first time in CPBL history the 2017 All-Star game is going to East Taiwan!  The 2 days CPBL All-Star events will be held in the newly renovated 花蓮縣立棒球場 (Hualien Baseball Stadium) on 8th ~ 9th of July.

2017 CPBL All-Star Game press conference.  Photo credit:(CPBL website)

The War Between Two Generations

Different from previous years, this year the all star team will be divided into two groups according to their age.  Red team will be players under the age of 24 or those within three years of service in CPBL.  White team on the other hand, will be those over 24 years old and have at least three years of service in the league.

The 2017 All-Star Game will be worthwhile to watch as it pit the league’s future stars against the seasoned veterans in the league.  In November 2017, there will an Asia Professional Baseball Championship (U24), it will be a good chance to observe the U24 players and see how them playing together as a team in this All-Star Game.

Red Team players you need to know.

In team red, the league’s best batter 蔣智賢(Chiang Chih-Hsien) will be teaming up with “The King” 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung).  Other future stars like 鄭鎧文 (Cheng Kai-Wen), 蘇智傑 (Su Chih-Chieh) and 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao) are also some of the up and comer that should be on your watch-list.

White Team players you need to know.

For the veteran white team we have the 3-time HR champion 高國輝 (Kao Kuo-Hui) with the best domestic starting pitcher in the recent 5 years 鄭凱文 (Cheng Kai-Wen).  Not to mention the most iconic player and the CPBL poster child 彭政閔 (Peng Cheng-Min) who has been recieved the most votes in CPBL All-Star Game for 13 consecutive seasons.

How to Vote for the ASG

Fans online vote instructions. Photo credit: (CPBL ASG website)

Fans Vote( 60%)

Other Vote( 40%)

  • Player Recommendation
  • Coach Votes
  • Press Votes

2017 CPBL All-Star Game current vote count

2017 CPBL ASG online vote update. Photo credit:( CPBL ASG website)

Red Team Vote Leaders

SP: Bryan Woodall (Chinatrust Brothers)
RP: Chou Lei (Chinatrust Brothers)
CL: Chen Yun-Wen (Uni-Lions)
C: Kuo Chun-Wei (Uni-Lions)
1B: Hsu Chi-Hung (Chinatrust Brothers)
2B: Pan Ting-Hsiang (Chinatrust Brothers)
3B: Tseng Tao-Jung (Chinatrust Brothers)
SS: Chen Chieh-Hsien (Uni-Lions)
OF: Wang Po-Jung (Lamigo Monkeys)
OF: Chen Tzu-Hao (Chinatrust Brothers)
OF: Lin Che-Hsuan (Fubon Guardians)
DH: Chiang Chih-Hsien (Chinatrust Brothers)

Chinatrust Brothers players: 7
Uni-Lions players: 3
Lamigo Monkeys players: 1
Fubon Guardians players: 1

White Team Vote Leaders

SP: Cheng Kai-Wen (Chinatrust Brothers)
RP: Cheng Chi-Hung (Chinatrust Brothers)
CL: Chen Hung-Wen (Chinatrust Brothers)
C: Chen Chia-Chu (Chinatrust Brothers)
1B: Peng Cheng-Min (Chinatrust Brothers)
2B: Chen Chiang-Ho (Chinatrust Brothers)
3B: Lin Chih-Sheng (Chinatrust Brothers)
SS: Wang Sheng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers)
OF: Chang Chih-Hao (Chinatrust Brothers)
OF: Chang Cheng-Wei (Chinatrust Brothers)
OF: Kao Kuo-Hui (Fubon Guardians)
DH: Chou Ssu-Chi (Chinatrust Brothers)

Chinatrust Brothers players: 11
Fubon Guardians players: 1

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