CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #146

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Rakuten Monkeys News: Ryan Carpenter

The Rakuten Monkeys will need to look for another foreign pitcher next season as their ace Ryan Carpenter is heading to the KBO. On November 29, the Hanwha Eagles announced the signing of Ryan Carpenter for a total package of 500,000 USD.

According to the Korean media YNA, Carpenter’s $500,000 salary package consist of the following: $100,000 signing bonus, $300,000 salary and $100,000 in performance incentives.

Back in August, rumours were floating around that an unnamed KBO team was considering to buyout Ryan Carpenter’s contract from Rakuten Monkeys. However, nothing materialised, as Carpenter’s escape clause already expired in July.

Ryan Carpenter, the 30-year-old left-hander, completed his 2020 CPBL season with a 4.00 ERA and 1.36 WHIP across 157.1 innings. At the end of the season, he also won the Glod Glove award.


    • I suspect we will see at least 2 former KBO pitchers in Taiwan next year. MyKBO posted a list of non-tendered KBO foreign players the other day. Very likely to be those guys.


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