2020 CPBL Offseason Free Agency Tracker

6 CPBL Players Declared Free Agency

At the end of the 2020 CPBL season, a total of 19 players are eligible for free agency. On November 19, six players decided to test the market and declared free agency heading into the offseason.

Among those players are the Brothers’ high profile centre fielder Chang Chih-Hao, the Guardians’ primary catcher Lin Yu-Ying and primary bullpen arm Lai Hung-Cheng.
To keep track of all the information, for the next few months, we will compile all the free agency signing news chronologically. [Last Updated: December 31, 2020]

  • Currency is in USD (exchange rate: 30 NTD to 1 USD)
  • The player transfer fee will be 125% of their full-year salary of that season. Alternatively, it can be 75% of their full-year salary plus a player outside of the 25-man protection list.
  • To make things simpler, we will use the 125% method as the transfer fee.

2020 FA News Tracker

  • November 23 – Multiple CPBL teams are reportedly interested in 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao) and 賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng). [Liberty Sports]
  • November 29 – 賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng) confirmed he is currently in talks with a new CPBL team. [Liberty Sports]
  • November 30 – The Rakuten Monkeys reportedly offered 賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng) a multi-year deal with an annual salary close to $160,000. [Liberty Sports]
  • December 2 – Fubon Guardians manager told the media he would like to sign 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao), but it would be up to the Guardians front office to decide. [Liberty Sports]
  • December 2 – At least 2 teams are reportedly interested in 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao). [ETtoday]
  • December 4 – The Rakuten Monkeys signed 賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng).
  • December 5 – The Rakuten Monkeys manager told the media he recommended the team to sign 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao), but it will be up to the front office to decide. [ETtoday]
  • December 5 – A yet to be named team have made contact with 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao). [UDN]
  • December 7 – Both the CTBC Brothers and Fubon Guardians have offered 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao) a multi-year deal. [Apple Daily]
  • December 11 – The CTBC Brothers re-signed both 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao) and 周思齊 (Chou Szu-Chi) to a 3-year deal.
  • December 31 – The Fubon Guardians re-signed 林宥穎 (Lin Yu-Ying).

林宥穎 (Lin Yu-Ying) – SIGNED

  • Fubon Guardians
  • 2011-Present (10 seasons)
  • 33-year-old catcher
  • 2020 salary: $116,000
  • Transfer fee: $145,000
  • Current Status: Re-signed with the Fubon Guardians on December 31

Lin Yu-Ying has been the Guardians’ primary catcher in the past few years. Despite having a slightly below-average bat, he makes it up with good defensive and game-calling skill. He is very likely to receive an offer from the Wei Chuan Dragons.

賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng) – SIGNED

  • Fubon Guardians
  • 2012-Present (9 seasons)
  • 32-year-old LHP
  • 2020 salary: $104,000
  • Transfer fee: $130,000
  • Current Status: Signed with the Monkeys on December 4

Lai Hung-Cheng has been one of the reliable bullpen arms for the Guardians. With his fastball topping out at 152kph and being a rare quality domestic left-hander, he will be on the radar for all the CPBL teams with the idea of boosting their bullpen.

陳鏞基 (Chen Yung-Chi)

  • Uni-Lions
  • 2011-Present (10 seasons)
  • 37-year-old infielder (3B)
  • 2020 salary: $248,000
  • Transfer fee: $310,000

Chen Yung-Chi has been the heart and soul of the Uni-Lions organisation since he returned from the MLB system. The veteran mostly plays in the third base, but also able to play first, second and short. Given his age and the transfer fee, Chen is likely to re-sign with the Uni-Lions.

傅于剛 (Fu Yu-Kang)

  • Uni-Lions
  • 2012-Present (9 seasons)
  • 32-year-old RHP
  • 2020 salary: $56,000
  • Transfer fee: $70,000

Fu Yu-Kang had a few rough seasons between 2017-19, but in 2020, he found his grove and posted an average 4.24 ERA and 1.47 WHIP over 51 innings of work. Fu’s biggest advantage as a free agent would be he is not expensive. For just $70,000, any team can get themselves an average bullpen arm.

周思齊 (Chou Szu-Chi) – SIGNED

  • CTBC Brothers
  • 2005-Present (16 seasons)
  • 39-year-old DH / left fielder
  • 2020 salary: $180,000
  • Transfer fee: $112,500
  • Current Status: Re-signed with the Brothers on December 11

Note: Because this is Chou’s second time filing for free agency, therefore, his transfer fee would be 65% of his full-season salary.
Chou Szu-Chi posted a career year in 2020 with a slash line of .324/.386/.589 with 22 home runs. Chou declaring free agency was merely a symbolic gesture because he is the president of the CPBL Players’ Union. Chou is likely to re-sign with the Brothers.

張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao) – SIGNED

  • CTBC Brothers
  • 2010-Present (11 seasons)
  • 33-year-old centre fielder
  • 2020 salary: $224,000
  • Transfer fee: $280,000
  • Current Status: Re-signed with the Brothers on December 11

Chang Chih-Hao is one of the top-tier centre fielders in the CPBL. Throughout his career, he is known for being consistent with his performance. In 2020, he posted a .298/.373/.564 with 27 home runs. The Monkeys, Dragons and Guardians would be interested in him.


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