Uniforms Guide for 2022 CPBL Season

Here at CPBL STATS, we are crazy about uniforms. So here is the guide to all the team’s uniforms for the 2022 CPBL season. As always, we will continue to update this blog post throughout the season.

CPBL 2022 All-Star Game Uniform

CTBC Brothers Weekday Classic Uniform (Core)

CTBC Brothers Weekend Uniform (Core)

CTBC Brothers PILI Theme Night Uniform

CTBC Brothers Throwback Theme Night Uniform

CTBC Brothers Girls Night Uniform

CTBC Brothers Demon Slayer Uniform

Uni-Lions Home Uniform (Core)

Uni-Lions Away Uniform (Core)

Uni-Lions Weekend Uniform (Core)

Uni-Lions Temple Night Uniform

Uni-Lions x Lioneers Uniform

Uni-Lions Summer (Sugar City) Uniform

Uni-Lions Relax Uniform (Massage Chair Collaboration)

Uni-Lions Music Festival Uniform

Uni-Lions Pan Wu-Hsiung Retirement Game Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Home Uniform (Core)

Rakuten Monkeys Away Uniform (Core)

Rakuten Monkeys Weekend Uniform (Core)

Rakuten Monkeys Spring Training Uniform: Rising Green

Rakuten Monkeys Electrolux Theme Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Evangelion Theme Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Purple Party Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Indigenous Theme Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Yokoso Uniform: Earth Green

Rakuten Monkeys Military Uniform: Airport City

Rakuten Monkeys Seafood Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Rakuten Girls Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Girls Night Uniform: Cloud

Fubon Guardians Home Uniform (Core)

Fubon Guardians Away Uniform (Core)

Fubon Guardians Sunday Weekend Uniform (Core)

Fubon Guardians Earth Day Theme Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians Girls Theme Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians Student Theme Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians Armed Forces Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians Fubon Braves Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Home Uniform (Core)

Wei Chuan Dragons Away Uniform (Core)

Wei Chuan Dragons Weekend Uniform (Core)

Wei Chuan Dragons Berserk Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Girls Theme Night Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Throwback Theme Night Uniform


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