Key Visuals and Slogans For 2022 CPBL Season

The 2022 CPBL season is upon us once again. As always, the five CPBL teams have each unveiled their key visual, slogan, hype video and theme song. [Last Update: April 10, 2022]

CTBC Brothers 2022 Slogan: RUN IT BACK

CTBC Brothers 2022 Hype Video

CTBC Brothers 2022 Theme Song

Uni-Lions 2022 Slogan: ROAR WITH LIONS

Uni-Lions 2022 Hype Video

Uni-Lions 2022 Theme Song

Rakuten Monkeys 2022 Slogan: RISE UP

Rakuten Monkeys 2022 Hype Video

Rakuten Monkeys 2022 Theme Song

Fubon Guardians 2022 Slogan: WE WILL

Fubon Guardians 2022 Hype Video

Fubon Guardians 2022 Theme Song

Wei Chuan Dragons 2022 Slogan: NO FEAR

Notes: “NO FEAR” is not really an accurate word-by-word English translation. The Mandarin slogan is “勇(龍)往直前“, which means “To March Forward Bravely / Never Give Up / No Fear / Keep on Rolling“. The team also replaced the first word “brave” with “dragons“.

Wei Chuan Dragons 2022 Hype Video

Wei Chuan Dragons 2022 Theme Song


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