Uniforms Guide for 2023 CPBL Season

Get ready, uniform fanatics, because the 2023 CPBL season is just around the corner. And here at the CPBL Stats, we are crazy about uniforms!

From the ultra-bright yellow to the timeless classic pinstripes and to the shameless seafood product placement uniform, the CPBL teams never failed to impress (or shock) us with their uniform designs in the past seasons.

So, whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just love admiring the uniforms, join us as we take a closer look at the uniforms that will be gracing the field in the 2023 CPBL season.

2023 CPBL All-Star Games Uniforms (Game 1 and 2)

  • Game 1 Light Blue Uniform: CPBL All-Star
  • Game 1 Dark Blue Uniform: CPBL U-24 All-Star
  • Game 2 Dark Blue Uniform: CPBL All-Star
  • Game 2 White Uniform: CPBL U-24 All-Star

CTBC Brothers Home Uniform (Core)

  • New home uniform for the 2023 season.

CTBC Brothers Away Uniform (Core)

  • New away uniform for the 2023 season.

CTBC Brothers Weekend Away Uniform (Core)

CTBC Brothers SpongeBob SquarePants Night Uniform

CTBC Brothers Hanshin Tigers Night Uniform

CTBC Brothers Water Splash Night Uniform (Aqua Planet)

CTBC Brothers Sailor Moon Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Home Uniform (Core)

Rakuten Monkeys Away Uniform (Core)

Rakuten Monkeys Weekend Uniform (Core)

Rakuten Monkeys Spring Training Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Opening Weekend Uniform: Winning Colour

Rakuten Monkeys Earth Day Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys FamilyMart Night Uniform: Chairman Yam

Rakuten Monkeys Electrolux Night Uniform: 10th Generation

Rakuten Monkeys Purple Party Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Japan Night Uniform (YOKOSO)

Rakuten Monkeys Nestlé Lemon Iced Tea Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Armed Forces Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys King of Fighters Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Rakuten Girls Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys SPY X FAMILY Night Uniform

Rakuten Monkeys Hatsune Miku Night Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Home Uniform (Core)

Wei Chuan Dragons Away Uniform (Core)

  • New away uniform for the 2023 season.

Wei Chuan Dragons Weekend Uniform (Core)

Wei Chuan Dragons Berserk Dragons Month Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Throwback Night Uniform

  • Dragons’ late ’90s classic uniform.

Wei Chuan Dragons Hsinchu Lioneers Night Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Girls Night Uniform

Wei Chuan Dragons Jujutsu Kaisen Night Uniform

Uni-Lions Home Uniform (Core)

Uni-Lions Away Uniform (Core)

Uni-Lions Weekend Uniform (Core)

Uni-Lions Opening Week Uniform: HERO

Uni-Lions Temple Night Uniform

Uni-Lions Tainan 400th Birthday Night Uniform

Uni-Lions Boy Detectives Club Night Uniform

Uni-Lions Seibu Lions Night Uniform

Uni-Lions Chūka Ichiban! Night Uniform

Uni-Lions Girls Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians Home Uniform (Core)

Fubon Guardians Away Uniform (Core)

  • New away uniform for the 2023 season.

Fubon Guardians Sunday Uniform (Core)

  • New Sunday uniform for the 2023 season.

Fubon Guardians Earth Day Uniform

Fubon Guardians Baseball Boyfriends Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians Students Night Camouflage Uniform

Fubon Guardians Fubon Braves Night Uniform

Fubon Guardians G!POP Concert Night Uniform

TSG Hawks Home Uniform (Core)

TSG Hawks Away Uniform (Core)


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