Team Key Visuals, Slogans for 2023 CPBL Season

The countdown is on for the 2023 CPBL Opening Day, and all the teams are gearing up for action!

While teams are busy with preseason games, they are also flexing their creative muscles on the artistic front by announcing their annual key visuals, slogans, hype videos and theme songs for the 2023 season.

Because let’s face it, whether you win the 2023 Taiwan Series or not, you might as well look good or sound catchy while at it!


CTBC Brothers 2023 Slogan: YELLOW TIDE (DYNASTY)

CTBC Brothers 2023 Hype Video

CTBC Brothers 2023 Theme Song

Rakuten Monkeys 2023 Slogan: READY

Rakuten Monkeys 2023 Hype Video

Rakuten Monkeys 2023 Theme Song

Wei Chuan Dragons 2023 Slogan: WE ARE DRAGONS

Wei Chuan Dragons 2023 Hype Video

Wei Chuan Dragons 2023 Theme Song

Uni-Lions 2023 Slogan: LIONS UP

Uni-Lions 2023 Hype Video

Uni-Lions 2023 Theme Song

Fubon Guardians 2023 Slogan: ALL BLUE

Fubon Guardians 2023 Hype Video

Fubon Guardians 2023 Theme Song

TSG Hawks 2023 Slogan: AMBITIOUS

TSG Hawks 2023 Theme Song (TBA)


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