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Wei Chuan Dragons News: Telvin Nash

The rumour that the Wei Chuan Dragons are interested in Telvin Nash has been circulating for some time now.

It started on December 4, when the Dragons manager told the media they are currently in talks with a new foreign hitter that hit over 40 home runs in the Atlantic League. That unnamed foreign player has been playing in Japan’s independent league recently.

Well, talk about giving away too many hints! A few minutes after the Dragons manager revealed that information, Taiwanese baseball fans immediately figured out Telvin Nash was that unnamed player.

On December 18, the Wei Chuan Dragons general manager finally confirmed the signing of 30-year-old Telvin Nash.

“In 2019, he hit 41 home runs and won the Atlantic League MVP,” said the Dragons GM. “He would be able to provide the team with the much-needed firepower.”

Telvin Nash entered the MLB system in 2009 as the Huston Astros drafted him in the third round. Over the years, he reached Double-A and bounced around between affiliated baseball and the Atlantic League.

His most standout season would be in 2019, where he slashed .294 /.423/.623 with 41 home runs with the York Revolution of the Atlantic League.

In 2021, Telvin Nash was active in Japan’s Baseball Challenge League. He finished the BCL season with a .284/.425/.617 with 13 home runs across 44 games.

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Foreign players come and goes, therefore we compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players signing for the 2022 CPBL season.


  1. Other Indy-A Sluggers of note: Kyle Martin (age 29 in 2022) has hit 48 home runs so far in 2021, 31 in the American Association and 17 so far in the Mexican Pacific Winter League. Meanwhile, Nellie Rodriguez (28) has hit 40 home runs, 25 in the Atlantic League, one in the Mexican League (summer) and 14 in Venezuela’s Winter League.

    Martin will almost certainly be playing in the Mexican League next summer after his enormous Mexican Winter League performance, which could give CPBL teams a chance to see if he can continue to hit there. We’ll see if Rodriguez returns to the Atlantic League or also gets a shot at playing in the Mexican League.


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