CTBC Brothers Plan to Use Taipei Dome

On December 19, the CTBC Brothers general manager revealed they have plans to host future home games at the Taipei Dome once the stadium is fully operational.

“Maybe there is an opportunity to do so in the 2022 postseason,” said the Brothers GM. “We will still use Taichung Intercontinental Stadium as our main home facility but will likely add the Taipei Dome into the mix.”

CTBC Financial Potential Owner of Taipei Dome?

Since 2015, there have been plenty of rumours about CTBC Financial wanting to purchase the operational rights of the Taipei Dome.

According to Mirror Media’s article from February 2021, CTBC Financial is planning to enter a joint venture with SoftBank Group, CP Group and an unnamed food company to acquire 60% of the operational rights of the Taipei Dome. The deal is said to be over 1.12 billion USD.

A few months later, UDN indirectly named the Wei Chuan Dragons’ parent company, the Ting Hsin Group, as that unnamed food company.

As of today, the Taipei Dome is set to be fully operational around June 2022. Maybe CPBL fans would be able to watch the 2022 Taiwan Series at the Taipei Dome?


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