2022 CPBL Foreign Players Tracker

Foreign players come and goes. So, here is the 2022 CPBL foreign players tracker. We will continue to update this blog post throughout the season. [Last updated: August 10, 2022]

By the way, if you are looking for some foreign players signing rumours before the official announcement, here is the rumour tracker for the 2022 CPBL season.

NameCPBL TeamHighest LevelSeasonSignedReleased
José De PaulaCTBC BrothersMLB3OCT 8, 2021-
Teddy StankiewiczCTBC BrothersTriple-A3DEC 3, 2021JUL 16, 2022
Shawn MorimandoCTBC BrothersMLB2DEC 29, 2021JUL 11, 2022
Francisco PeñaCTBC BrothersMLB1JAN 12, 2022-
Makita KazuhisaCTBC BrothersMLB / NPB1MAY 2, 2022-
Michael MariotCTBC BrothersMLB1JUL 24, 2022-
TBACTBC BrothersTriple-A1--
Brock DykxhoornUni-LionsTriple-A / KBO3JAN 5, 2021-
Wilin RosarioUni-LionsMLB / NPB / KBO1JAN 6, 2022JUN 2, 2022
Keury MellaUni-LionsMLB1JAN 13, 2022-
Logan OndrusekUni-LionsMLB / NPB1JAN 13, 2022-
Mike FiersUni-LionsMLB1JUN 29, 2022Failed Physical
Keyvius SampsonUni-LionsMLB / KBO1JUL 6, 2022-
Ryan BollingerRakuten MonkeysMLB4DEC 28, 2021-
Dylan CoveyRakuten MonkeysMLB2DEC 28, 2021-
Bradin HagensRakuten MonkeysMLB / NPB2JAN 8, 2022-
Henry SosaRakuten MonkeysMLB / KBO4JAN 8, 2022JUL 7, 2022
Ricardo PintoRakuten MonkeysMLB / KBO1JUL 28, 2022-
Yomar Flande ConcepcionFubon GuardiansLCBP2DEC 19, 2021JUN 3, 2022
Xavier BatistaFubon GuardiansNPB1JAN 3, 2022JUL 2, 2022
Luis EscobarFubon GuardiansMLB1JAN 6, 2022MAY 23, 2022
Joe Van MeterFubon GuardiansDouble-A1JAN 8, 2022-
Mike LoreeFubon GuardiansDouble-A10FEB 7, 2022-
José ValdezFubon GuardiansMLB2FEB 8, 2022-
Enderson FrancoFubon GuardiansMLB / KBO1JUN 17, 2022-
Tanner AndersonFubon GuardiansMLB1JUN 28, 2022-
Drew GagnonWei Chuan DragonsMLB / KBO2DEC 12, 2021-
Telvin NashWei Chuan DragonsDouble-A1DEC 18, 2021JUN 15, 2022
Bryan WoodallWei Chuan DragonsTriple-A8JAN 5, 2022-
Jake BrighamWei Chuan DragonsMLB / NPB / KBO2JAN 5, 2022-
Ronny RodríguezWei Chuan DragonsMLB / NPB1JAN 19, 2022-


  1. If, as it now appears, Fubon will also be signing Jose Valdez and Mike Loree, does that mean we can expect to the Brothers, Uni-lions and Monkeys to sign fifth and/or sixth foreign players prior to the start of the 2022 season?

    Signing five or six foreign players to start the season makes sense to me in light of how frequently pitchers get hurt or lose effectiveness. It looks like every CPBL team used at least five foreign players in each of the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

    • Oh yeah, they announced the signings already. It’s been busy at work lately, I haven’t got time to update the blog yet.

      Hmmmm, me personally, I think most teams are done with their signings for now. They probably won’t make a move until they have seen their foreign players in action during spring training.

      For example, if certain players are clearly not adjusting well to Taiwan, then maybe we will see more signings before opening day.

      I’m think maybe teams would start bring in their 5th foreign players around May-ish?

      • It will probably take a while to bring in new foreigners once the season starts due to Covid. Are quarantine periods in Taiwan shorter for people fully vaccinated?


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