Uni-Lions Reliever Wang Ching-Ming with his cute backpack

Baseball players often want to give people the fierce-look image, especially when you see a power pitcher striking out the opponents with 150+ kph (94mph) fastball.  However, the stereotype does not applied to this particular Uni-Lions reliever the other night.

On 15th of April game between Uni-Lions and Fubon Guardians, reliever 王鏡銘 (Wang Ching-Ming) draw fans’ attention as he arrived at the ball park with the cute backpack.

So what’s in the bag?

Since there’s no lockers in the guest team bullpen at Xinzhuang stadium.  Wang uses this backpack to carry high calories nutritional snacks and chewing gums in order to maintain energy for his teammates in the bullpen.

Wang mentioned to the media the backpack belongs to his daughter.  “After the news was released, my daughter called and told me that she wanted her bag back.”

So far in the 2017 season, Wang Ching-Ming made 9 games appearance with the record of 5.00 ERA, 1.80 WHIP over 9 innings.


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