CPBL Record: Dragons Started 9 Lefty Batters

Despite being an expansion team, the Wei Chuan Dragons are making their way into the CPBL history book with their rather unique lineup.

On October 7, for the first time in the CPBL history, the Wei Chuan Dragons manager filled their starting lineup with nine left-handed batters and a left-handed starting pitcher.

Yes, the Dragons starting ten were all left-handers!

“Because the Uni-Lions Brock Dykxhoorn generally pitched well against right-handed batters, therefore we wanted to try something new,” said the Dragons manager Yeh Chun-Chang. “Also, our primary catcher Giljegiljaw Kungkuan (right-handed batter) is currently listed as day-to-day with a hand injury.”

  1. 張祐銘 (Chang Yu-Ming) – RF – L
  2. 郭天信 (Kuo Tien-Hsin) – CF – L
  3. 李凱威 (Li Kai-Wei) – 2B – L
  4. 赫雷拉 (Rosell Herrera) – 3B – S
  5. 黃柏豪 (Huang Po-Hao) – 1B – L
  6. 陳品捷 (Chen Pin-Chieh) – DH – L
  7. 劉時豪 (Liu Shih-Hao) – C – L
  8. 洪瑋漢 (Hung Wei-Han) – LF – L
  9. 張政禹 (Chang Cheng-Yu) – SS – L
  10. 王維中 (Wang Wei-Chung) – SP – L

Notes: Rosell Herrera is technically a switch hitter. However, he batted on the left side at the start of the game.

All Lefty Lineup Experiment Failed

So, did it work?

Unfortunately, the all-lefty lineup failed miserably for the Dragons, they only managed to get two hits the whole night.

The Uni-Lions starter Brock Dykxhoorn delivered a complete-game shutout on 110 pitches with four strikeouts and zero walks against the Dragons.

“I increased my curveball usage,” the Uni-Lions Brock Dykxhoorn told Liberty Sports. “I don’t usually throw my curveball that much, normally about 5-6 pitches per game at best, but tonight, I threw more than 20.”

The Dragons suffered their ninth straight loss at Tainan Stadium, and the 2021 Tainan curse will continue.


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