Lamigo Monkeys unveil 2017 uniforms, hat logo & corporate identity

Lamigo Monkeys unveiled today their uniforms for the 2017 CPBL season.  The newly deigned uniform is set to replace the original home uniform which was designed back in 2011 when the team first relocated to Taoyuan city.

Lamigo Monkeys 2017 new home-game uniform (Photo Credit Lamigo Monkeys Facebook page)

The new 2017 home uniform features 3 colour scheme.  White, Navy Blue and Champagne Gold which symbolised the organisation being more matured and having the prestige status.

The hat logo was also redesigned.  Moving away from the old busy and crowded “Monkeys” text and going for the more minimalist style of “LM” text.  The new new hat logo will be use in both away and home games.

Moving away from the “Monkeys” text. Going for the more minimalist style “LM” text

After 6 years and 3 Taiwan Series Championship.  Lamigo Monkeys will wear the original home game uniform for one last time on the 1st April in Taoyuan stadium.  The new 2017 uniform will make its debut the next day.

Lamigo Monkeys old home game uniform. Designed back in 2011

The new corporate identity for Lamigo Monkeys has also been cleaned up and simplified to match the new 2017 home uniform colour scheme.

With Uni-Lions and Fubon Guardians announced their new corporate identity recently, and Chinatrust Brothers with their redesign back in 2015.  Which leave fans wonder when Lamigo Monkeys is going to redesign their corporate identity which was originally designed back in 2011.

New 2017 corporate identity of Lamigo Monkeys.
Original corporate identity of Lamigo Monkeys. Designed back in 2011









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