Fubon Guardians released new theme songs & chants for players

Going to Fubon Guardians games this year, but don’t know their player theme songs and chants?  Well, Fubon Guardians got that covered.  Guardians have released new theme songs and chants for its players today.

Apart from 4 players still using their old EDA Rhinos theme songs with only minor adjustment.  All other Guardians players have received new theme songs this season.  The most notable one is former Los Angeles Dodgers 胡金龍 (Hu Chin-Lung) switching from “Crazy Train by Black Sabbath”.

(胡金龍 Hu Chin-Lung’s new theme song)

(陳凱倫 Chen Kai-Lun’s new theme song)


Full playlist for Fubon Guardians theme songs and chants.

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