CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #125

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Uni-Lions News: Josh Roenicke

On March 20, the Uni-Lions placed right-hander Josh Roenicke on paternity leave as he returns to the United States to support his wife and welcome their fourth child. As per the Uni-Lions’ press release, Roenicke is set to return to Taiwan on March 24.

Given the current situation with the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Josh Roenicke will have to go into 14 days quarantine when he comes back to Taiwan.

“The team has already organised a place for Roenicke to do his home isolation,” said the Uni-Lions’ general manager.

Should Josh Roenicke return on March 24, after his 14 days quarantine, it will be April 7. With the 2020 Opening Day on April 11, Roenicke is highly likely to miss it.

As of March 21, there have been a total of 135 confirmed cases with 28 recovered and two deaths.

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