Brothers Honour Fan Who Passed Away

After two rainouts, the 2020 CPBL season finally opened with a matchup between the Fubon Guardians and CTBC Brothers on April 12. And it started with a tear-jerker.

No, we are not talking about baseball fans in tears of joy because baseball is coming back. We are talking about a special pre-game ceremony the Brothers held for one of their superfans.

77-year-old Mrs Hsiao (grandma flower) was a dedicated supporter of the Brothers and would travel all over Taiwan to cheer for her favourite team. Unfortunately, due to poor health, the beloved grandma passed away earlier this year.

To honour her memory, the Brothers issued a seasonal ticket in her name and saved her favourite seat at the stadium. The team also invited grandma flower’s son to threw out the first pitch to her favourite player Hsu Chi-Hung.

Rest in peace, grandma flower.


  1. Just wanted to say your website has been a tremendous resource for me this year – getting up in the morning to watch CPBL has definitely been something I’ve looked forward to in these strange times. Thanks for everything you do!

  2. I must agree with Dave. I love baseball and have taken great pleasure in becoming a Brothers fan. Thank you for your site.


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