2019 CPBL Opening Day: March 23

After the general assembly on November 27, the league have decided the 2019 CPBL Opening Day will be on March 23, 2019. The 2018 Taiwan Series Champion, Lamigo Monkeys will take on the Uni-Lions at Taoyuan Stadium.

Weekday Scheduling Change

To make travel day more manageable for the teams, the CPBL will amend the weekday games schedule to this format below. From the original 1-1-2 to the new 1-2-1 for Tuesday to Thursday games.

New Format20182019
Tuesday1 Game1 Games
Wednesday1 Game2 Game
Thursday2 Games1 Games
Friday2 Games2 Game
Saturday2 Games2 Games
Sunday2 Games2 Games

Sunday Afternoon Games are Coming

Another change is to introduce the 2 pm start time for Sunday games in March, April, October and the first two weeks of May. From late May to September, the Sunday games will remain at the original 5 pm start time.

Different Ways to Handle Rainouts

The league is trying something different when it comes to the rainout reschedule games. Instead of announcing the reschedule games straight away, the league will now announce it in batch towards the end of the half-season.


  1. I will be in taipei from the 16-19.of april and 22 of april. Also kaohsiung from 19-22 of april, would like to attend a baseball game, where do i find a schedule and access to tickets.

    Thank you


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