So, you finally have adopted a CPBL team, and the next logical step as a new fan is to acquire some team merchandise, but you have no idea where can you buy them.

Well then, you are coming to the right place, because here is our guide to buy the CPBL merchandise.

Three Methods to Buy

  • Stadium shops at the games
  • Physical retail shops
  • Online shops

Stadium Shops

All four teams have their own shops at their home stadium during the CPBL season. If you happen to be in Taiwan, just show up to the game and shop away.

Online Shops

The online shops is probably the easiest, but at the same time the hardest way to do it, since all the teams’ online shops do not ship oversea. So the only way to get them is use a third party post forwarding service, but use it at your own risk.

fubon guardians online merchandise

Physical Retail Shops

Currently only the Lamigo Monkeys and the Chinatrust Brothers have physical retail shops in Taiwan, most of the shop are quite easy to get to via the metro or the public transport.

*Note Guardians’ stadium shop also open all year around. It is located on the ground floor of the Xinzhuang Stadium.

Lamigo Monkeys Retail Shops

  • 新光三越 A11 館 4F (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11, Taipei City) – Google Map
  • 環球購物中心板橋店 (Global Mall, New Taipei City) – Google Map
  • 大江購物中心 4F (Metro Walk Shopping Center, Taoyuan City) – Google Map
  • 大魯閣草衙道 1F (Taroko Park, Kaohsiung City) – Google Map

Lamigo monkeys physical retail shop

Chinatrust Brothers Retail Shops

  • 中信兄弟南港旗艦店 (Brothers Nangang Flagship Store, Taipei City) – Google Map
  • 中信兄弟松山直營店 (Brothers Baseball Club Store, Taipei City) – Google Map

Fubon Guardians Retail Shop

  • 富邦商品旗艦店 (At Xinzhuang Stadium, open all year around) – Google Map

fubon guardians team shop 2


  1. What was final average regular season attendance for each of the four CPBL teams in 2017? Did any of the teams play regular season home games away from their home ballparks? If so, how many games?

    Has there been any talk of possible expansion into Kaohsiung or adding a second team in greater Taipei at some time in the future?

    • Lamigo Monkeys – 7596
      Chinatrust Brothers – 5559
      Fubon Guardians – 4493
      Uni-Lions – 4321
      CPBL Average – 5492

      As for your “play regular season home games away from their home ballparks” question. I will have check my spreadsheet at my office tomorrow. I’ll let you know later.

      In 2017 Lamigo Monkeys is the only team do full 60 home game at a single stadium. The other 3 teams just tour around Taiwan.

      But in 2018, both the Monkeys and the Guardians will be doing full 60 home games at a single stadium. (Taoyuan and Xinzhuang). Uni-Lions and Brothers are still touring.

      The Uni-Lions is sort of using Kaohsiung stadium as their secondary stadium. As for expansions…. well, I believe it when it finally happen 🙂

  2. Might as well tour if home stadium attendance isn’t great, and you have a few big metro areas without a regular team of their own.

    Am I right to assume that the Brothers are wealthiest CPBL team, followed by the Uni-Lions, the Guardians and the Monkeys in that order?

    It feels to me like CBPL attendance should be better. Large metro areas and a decent baseball product. What do you think CPBL teams need to do to increase attendance?

    • That game fixing scandals really hurt the league attendance. In theory, CPBL average should be on the same level as the KBO in my opinion. But from mid 90s to 2009 the league just kept on resetting from all the scandals.

      In terms of team wealth ranking, depend on how you measure the wealth. A lot of them also branches out into other industries too, such as finance, media, telecom, biotech and tourism ect so it is really hard to give just one figure to compare.

      Short answer. Put it in simple 1 to 10 scale after adding all the subsidiaries.
      Fubon – 10
      Uni-President – 8
      Chinatrust – 7
      Lamigo – 1

      Viewing using total assets value in Taiwan, without counting all other subsidiaries. For example, the Uni-President in Taiwan also own 7-Eleven and Starbucks, but for this ranking, we are not counting those
      Chinatrust – 7 billion USD.
      Fubon – 4 billion USD.
      Uni-President – 2 billion USD.
      Lamigo – 10 million USD.

      If you’re looking from market share prices perspective.
      Uni-President – $69 per share
      Fubon – $51 per share
      Chinatrust – $21 per share
      Lamigo – N/A

  3. Hi there! Do you know how possible it is to purchase Uni-Lion uniforms for people in the United States? Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to navigate their website because it’s entirely in Chinese. I’m particularly interested in purchasing a jersey – and more specifically, an Austin Bibens-Dirkx jersey. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • The teams in Taiwan doesn’t ship merchandise overseas, it can be a bit tricky since you living in the United Stats. The team do offered the embroidery service, but I don’t think they do that online, it can only be done at the stadium team shop.

      Just from a quick look at the Uni-Lions website, I didn’t see any Bibens-Dirkx merchandise yet. Maybe have another look around when the season start?

      Jersey –
      Caps –
      T-shirt –

      Send me an email (you can find it at follow us at the bottom of the site), we can talk about the requirement and I’ll have a chat with my post forwarder and see if she willing to take this job.

      • Hi Rob,
        I just found this thread looking for a way to purchase CPBL merchandise to have shipped to the US. Is this something you are still interested in facilitating? Thanks

        • Hi Paul, unfortunately at this stage, I am not really interested in providing this service as it might get really messy with overseas shipping and potentially with missing parcels.

  4. Any advice to a small group(3) retirees who are baseball nuts and planning to come to Taiwan for a couple of games next month? All of us has done extensive Japanese baseball and I did attend the first OB Bears Game in Korea (1,000, 000 years ago). Thanks for any advice

    • Here’s some quick English guides should get you started.

      – How to read the CPBL schedule.

      – How to purchase CPBL tickets at the stadium.

      Unless you can read or speak Mandarin, I wouldn’t recommend buying the tickets using the ticketing machine at 7-Eleven or FamilyMart convenience store. So your only option is to buy the tickets at the stadium on game day. But don’t worry, should have plenty of infield seats available. (Might be a bit hard to get good infield seats for Saturday games.)

      As for advice? Since you guys have done plenty of NPB and KBO games, you pretty much know what to expect when it comes to Taiwan’s CPBL games. Enjoy the games, try out the local baseball food and have fun!


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