2018 End of Season Released Players

On November 30, the four CPBL teams have submitted their final 60-man rosters to the league. The 25 players that are not on the 60-man protection list are either released, retired or moving on to a different role within their organisation (Coach or administration).

The released players will automatically gain the free agency status and enter the free agents’ pool. Other teams can now freely sign them without paying the compensation fee to their former team.

Under the current CPBL regulations, each team will have to submit a 60-man protection list to the league before November 30. The league then will make an official announcement on December 2.

Lamigo Monkeys 2018 Released Players

Lamigo Monkeys Name POS DOB
黃浩然 Huang Hao-Jan C 13/02/1982
林政億 Lin Cheng-Yi RF 5/12/1986
鄭承浩 Cheng Cheng-Hao P 20/05/1987
翁克堯 Weng Ke-Yao 2B 15/02/1988
陳敏賜 Chen Min-Sih P 6/12/1989
游宗儒 Yu Tsung-Ju P 21/05/1992
林宗緯 Lin Tsung-Wei P 26/12/1996

Uni-Lions 2018 Released Players

Uni-Lions Name POS DOB
劉芙豪 Liu Fu-Hao RF 14/11/1978
陽建福 Yang Chien-Fu P 22/04/1979
邱子愷 Chiu Tzu-Kai P 14/09/1987
張竣凱 Chang Chun-Kai LF 5/12/1994

Fubon Guardians 2018 Released Players

Fubon Guardians Name POS DOB
郭泓志 Kuo Hong-Chih P 23/07/1981
吳宗峻 Wu Tsung-Chun LF 31/12/1984
郭勝安 Kuo Sheng-An P 1/01/1986
蕭一傑 Hsiao I-Chieh P 2/01/1986
林旺衛 Lin Wang-Wei CF 28/06/1988
劉家愷 Liu Chia-Kai RF 25/03/1994
張承駿 Chang Cheng-Chun C 12/04/1994
吳睿勝 Wu Jui-Sheng 2B 23/06/1994

Chinatrust Brothers 2018 Released Players

Chinatrust Brothers Name POS DOB
陳皓然 Chen Hao-Jan RF 9/05/1986
蔡益民 Tsai Yi-Min 1B 22/10/1990
歐耀宗 Ou Yao-Tsung P 15/05/1992
陳衍瑞 Chen Yen-Jui P 25/09/1992
甘少康 Kan Shao-Kang 3B 14/01/1993
許皓傑 Hsu Hao-Chieh RF 10/11/1996



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