How to Buy CPBL Tickets at the Stadium

So, you are in Taiwan and want to experience what is it like to go to a CPBL game. You went online, figured out the schedule and the public transport to the stadium. But then, you realised you do not speak Mandarin or Taiwanese, how are you supposed to buy the tickets to the game?

Well, then you are coming to the right place. We will teach you enough basic vocabularies on how to buy CPBL tickets at the stadium’s ticketing booth.

2 Methods: At the Gate or Pre-Purchase

Now, before we start, there are two different ways of buying CPBL tickets. You can either get them the old fashion way at the stadium’s ticket booth on game day.

Or the alternative method is to pre-purchase at 7-Eleven and FamilyMart convenience store’s ticketing machine. But since those ticketing machines’ interface are not in English. We will not cover the pre-purchase part here.

Update, March 7, 2019: Our friend Tom has put together a photo guide on how to pre-purchase the tickets via the automatic ticketing machine. Definitely worth a read if you wish to learn how to pre-purchase tickets.

Basic Mandarin Vocabularies on Buying Tickets

In this tutorial, we’re mixing both Pinyin and Wade-Giles methods. The goal is simplified and make the pronunciation as easy as possible for non-Mandarin speakers. Just read it as you would in English should do the job.

  • Ticket: 票 (Piao)
  • Infield: 內野 (Nei-ye)
  • Outfield: 外野 (Wai-ye)
  • Right: 右 (Yo)
  • Left: 左 (Zuo)

Notes: For the true CPBL experience, I’d recommend infield seats. Generally speaking, outfield seating zones are mostly for the away team’s fans.

  • First Baseline: 一壘側 (Yi-lei-tze)
  • Third Baseline: 三壘側 (San-lei-tze)
  • Behind Home Plate: 本壘後 (Ben-lei-ho)
  • Upper Deck: 上層 (Shan-chen)
  • Lower Deck: 下層 (Xia-chen)
  • Hot Zones: 熱區 (Rei-chu)

Notes: The hot zones are the seats that are directly in front of the cheerleaders. Fans sitting in the hot zone will stand, sing, chant, jump and dance along with players’ theme song.

  • Please Give Me: 請給我 (Qing-gei-wo)
  • Thank You: 謝謝 (Xie-xie)

Basic Mandarin Phrases on Buying Tickets

The beauty of Mandarin is it is not strict on grammar at all. You will be able to communicate on a basic level if you put together correct vocabularies.

First Baseline Tickets

  • First baseline, lower deck, infield ticket
    • 一壘側 下層 內野 票
    • Yi-lei-tze Xia-chen Nei-ye Piao
  • First baseline, upper deck, infield ticket
    • 一壘側 上層 內野 票
    • Yi-lei-tze Shan-chen Nei-ye Piao

Third Baseline Tickets

  • Third baseline, lower deck, infield ticket
    • 三壘側 下層 內野 票
    • San-lei-tze Xia-chen Nei-ye Piao
  • Third baseline, upper deck, infield ticket
    • 三壘側 上層 內野 票
    • San-lei-tze Shan-chen Nei-ye Piao

Behind Home Plates Tickets

  • Behind home plate, lower deck, infield ticket
    • 本壘後 下層 內野票
    • Ben-lei-ho Xia-chen Nei-ye Piao
  • Behind home plate, upper deck, infield ticket
    • 本壘後 上層 內野票
    • Ben-lei-ho Shan-chen Nei-ye Piao

Outfield Tickets

  • Right outfield ticket
    • 右外野 票
    • Yo-wai-ye Piao
  • Left outfield ticket
    • 左外野票
    • Zuo-wai-ye Piao

Hot Zone Tickets

  • First baseline hot zone
    • 一壘 熱區票
    • Yi-lei Rei-chu Piao
  • Third baseline hot zone
    • 三壘 熱區票
    • Shan-lei Rei-Chu Piao


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