The 2018 CPBL draft is done and dusted, out of the 88 players who entered the draft, 32 players were drafted and will start a brand new chapter in their baseball career.

In this group of 32 players, there are 17 pitchers, 5 catchers, 7 infielder and 3 outfielder with an overall draft rate of 36%.

The CPBL draft order is determined by the final ranking in the post-season, not the overall standings. Therefore, the Fubon Guardians will draft first, then the Uni-Lions, Chinatrust Brothers and the Lamigo Monkeys.

The Pingzhen high school’s 戴培峰 (Tai Pei-Feng) and 古林睿煬 (Gu Lin Ruei-Yang) are the 2018 first and second overall draft pick. After being partner (catcher and pitcher) for almost ten years, Tai and Gu-Lin will now have the opportunity to face each other as professional players.

Surprisingly, the former MLB pitcher 李振昌 (C.C Lee) takes the third overall place in the first round. And wrapping up the first round draft pick is right-handed pitcher 翁瑋均 (Weng Wei-Chun) from the Kainan University.

  • 2018 CPBL Draft Predictions.
  • 2018 CPBL Signing Trackers.

Draft Breakdown by Positions

It is not a surprise to see the 2018 draft results is once dominated by pitchers (17 players). With the CPBL being a hitter’s league, there is always a demand for new pitchers in the organisation.

PositionNumber of PlayersDrafted%

Year of the High School Players: Trend for Future?

It is a huge year for high school players, 15 out of 32 drafted players are high school players. There is also a new trend that the CPBL teams prefer to draft high school players rather than university players.

“CPBL teams these days are more willing to spend time to develop high school players. The farm teams are able to provide much better training and higher quality of games for the young players than university,” said the Lamigo Monkeys skipper 洪一中 (Hung I-Chung) after the 2018 CPBL draft.

Based on the 2018 draft stats, out of 28 players that are over the age 23, only 4 were drafted. Majority of the university players that got drafted this year have decided to turn professional half-way through their university study.

2018 CPBL Draft Results

11Guardians戴培峰 (Tai Pei-Feng)18CatcherHigh School
12Uni-Lions古林睿煬 (Gu-Lin Jui-Yang)18RHPHigh School
13Brothers李振昌 (C.C Lee)31RHPMLB
14Monkeys翁瑋均 (Weng Wei-Chun)19RHPUniversity
25Guardians王正棠 (Wang Cheng-Tang)23InfielderUniversity
26Uni-Lions張偉聖 (Chang Wei-Sheng)21OutfielderHigh School
27Brothers高宇杰 (Kao Yu-Chieh)21CatcherUniversity
28Monkeys陳晨威 (Chen Chen-Wei)21InfielderIndustrial League
39Guardians陳品學 (Chen Ping-Hsueh)23RHPMiLB (A)
310Uni-Lions劉軒荅 (Liu Hsuan-Ta)21RHPUniversity
311Brothers江坤宇 (Chiang Kun-Yu)18InfielderHigh School
312Monkeys邱丹 (Chiu Tan)18OutfielderHigh School
413Guardians胡冠俞 (Hu Kuan-Yu)18InfielderHigh School
414Uni-Lions李丞齡 (Li Cheng-Ling)18CatcherHigh School
415Brothers吳俊偉 (Wu Chun-Wei)19RHPIndustrial League
416Monkeys賴智垣 (Lai Chih-Yuan)21RHPUniversity
517Guardians王尉永 (Wang Wei-Yung)22RHPUniversity
518Uni-Lions方建德 (Fang Chien-Te)22RHPUniversity
519Brothers王奕凱 (Wang Yi-Kai)18LHPHigh School
520Monkeys陳克羿 (Chen Ke-Yi)18RHPHigh School
621Guardians楊彬 (Yang Pin)22RHPUniversity
622Uni-Lions林靖凱 (Lin Ching-Kai)18InfielderHigh School
623Brothers王政順 (Wang Cheng-Shun)21InfielderUniversity
624Monkeys江國謙 (Chiang Kuo-Chien)18RHPHigh School
725Guardians王詩聰 (Wang Shih-Tsung022OutfielderUniversity
726Uni-Lions姚雨翔 (Yao Yu-Hsiang)18InfielderHigh School
727Brothers林丞軒 (Lin Cheng-Hsuan)25RHPIndustrial League
728Monkeys范柏絜 (Fan Po-Chieh)18RHPHigh School
829Guardians歐書誠 (Ou Shu-Cheng)25RHPIndustrial League
830Brothers吳俊杰 (Wu Chun-Chieh)21RHPUniversity
931Guardians蕭憶銘 (Hsiao Yi-Ming)18CatcherHigh School
1032Guardians曾慈恩 (Tseng Tzu-En)19CatcherHigh School

Fubon Guardians 2018 Post-Draft Review

It is safe to say, the Guardians’ know exactly what they want coming into the draft. Their draft strategy is definitely focusing on building a future Guardians three to five years down the line, rather than getting a short term boost.

First Round

With their current primary catcher 林宥穎 (Lin Yu-Ying) turning 31, and with a history of injuries starting to catch up to him, picking up highly touted high school catcher 戴培峰 (Tai Pei-Feng) is certainly a good choice.

Batting wise, Tai is still not CPBL first team ready, but give it another two seasons in the minor league, it is very likely to see Tai gets the call-up to the first team and take over the primary catcher role.

Second Round

23-year-old 王正棠 (Wang Cheng-Tang) who can cover both the infield and outfield should be another good addition to the Guardians’ lineup depth.

Despite his fielding ability maybe not as consistent as other middle infielders in the first team, but hitting-wise, he should be better than most of the Guardians middle infielders.

Third Round

The Guardians’ third round pick RHP 陳品學 (Chen Ping-Hsueh) is an interesting choice. With a long history of previous injuries, the hard-throwing former Cleveland Indians’ farmhand is pretty much a ticking time bomb.

Historically speaking, pitchers with qualification less than MiLB Double-A generally do not last very long or do well in the CPBL. But maybe Chen will prove everyone wrong with his performance in the second-half season.

Uni-Lions 2018 Post-Draft Review

After drafting several high profile CPBL first team ready players in the last three seasons, you can say the Uni-Lions have successfully rebuilt their ageing lineup. The Uni-Lions definitely have room to “gamble” a little in the 2018 draft.

First Round

As long he is healthy, talent-wise, the high school RHP 古林睿煬 (Gu Lin Ruei-Yang) definitely has all the tools to start in the Uni-Lions’ first team rotation. As Gu-Lin throws a 147kph fastball with late movement and also have decent control over his wild range of breaking pitches.

We will probably see Gu-Lin spend the remaining of 2018 and the 2019 season in the farm team as a starting pitcher. And depending how well he can adjust to the professional pitching schedule, very likely to see him get the first team call-up in 2020.

Second and Fourth Round

According to several scouting reports, outfielder 張偉聖 (Chang Wei-Sheng) is best known for his overall athletic ability, arm strength and speed. Despite having a two years gap in high school baseball due to personal reasons, Chang still projecting to be the Fubon Guardians’ 張正偉 (Chang Cheng-Wei) somewhere down the line.

While I don’t think we will see Chang in the Uni-Lions’ first team until 2020, but with him practicing to become a middle infielder, there is a possibility of Chang going down the path of the Monkeys’ super utility player 余德龍 (Yu Te-Lung).

The Uni-Lions’ fourth round pick 李丞齡 (Li Cheng-Ling) is another interesting one. Despite of his above average arm strength, he only has two years of experience playing as a catcher, it will be interesting to see whether the Uni-Lions will continue to develop him as a catcher or put Li in the outfield.

Chinatrust Brothers 2018 Post-Draft Review

[To Be Continued…]


    • Good LHP tend to get picked up by MLB or NPB after high school. Hopefully next year there will be a few solid LHP enter the draft. Lin An-Ko from Culture University should be a good one. (But there’s injury concern)

  1. How much different is the CPBL draft from the MLB draft? It looks like there is a difference in where they can select from and the number of rounds. Is there any other differences?

    • Number of rounds, generally speaking is between 7 to 12 rounds, but it heavily depend on the draft pool and the team’s need.

      Players normally come from high schools, university, industrial league teams (similar to Japan’s JABA League) and players coming back from MLB / NPB system.

      There are a couple ways to be eligible to enter the CPBL draft.

      1. Have the national team experience either in the senior level or high school level. This only applies to the following international tournaments. (Olympics, WBC, Premier 12, WBSC U-21, U-23, U-18 World Cup, Asian Games, BFA Asian Baseball Championship)

      2. Won batting or pitching award in the industrial league that year. For example strike out leader or batting title in the industrial league.

      3. CPBL teams recommendation.

      4. High school students either recommended by a CPBL team, recommended by the league, recommended by high school wooden bat division committee.

      5. Via the amateur tryout.

    • Normally about 80 to 100 players participate in the tryout and based on the past three seasons, around 20-30 players from the tryout will be given a chance to enter the draft. And out of that tryout group, maybe about 3 to 6 players will actually get drafted. (4 in 2018)

      Majority of the players that got drafted via the tryout process tend to be career farm team players, most of them never last that long in the CPBL. They generally get drafted in the late round.


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