32 talented young amateur players were drafted last week in the 2018 CPBL Draft. With the annual draft done and dusted, the teams will now have until August 31st to sign those players.

As always, here is the signing tracker for the 2018 CPBL draft. We will try to keep this blog post updated as often as possible.

  • All the contracts are in US Dollar instead of Taiwan Dollar. We use the exchange rate of $30 NTD to $1 USD.
  • Instead of monthly salary, all figures have been converted to annual salary.
  • It is up to the teams to decide whether they want to release contract details or not. It is not mandatory to release the contract details.
  • There are normally three parts in the contract for the amateur players: Signing bonus, annual salary and incentive bonus.
  • Players who have returned from the MLB/ NPB system are not eligible for signing bonus. However, their salary tend to be higher, since majority of them are CPBL first team ready.

Fubon Guardians 2018 Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionContract Details (Annual $USD)
1戴培峰 (Tai Pei-Feng)Catcher-
2王正棠 (Wang Cheng-Tang)InfielderAgree to terms
3陳品學 (Chen Ping-Hsueh)RHPAgree to terms
4胡冠俞 (Hu Kuan-Yu)InfielderAgree to terms
5王尉永 (Wang Wei-Yung)RHP-
6楊彬 (Yang Pin)RHP-
7王詩聰 (Wang Shih-Tsung0Outfielder-
8歐書誠 (Ou Shu-Cheng)RHP-
9蕭憶銘 (Hsiao Yi-Ming)CatcherAgree to terms
10曾慈恩 (Tseng Tzu-En)Catcher-
Undrafted張竣龍 (Chang Chun-Lung)RHPDevelopmental contract

July Signing News

  • 17th July – Fubon Guardians
    • Agreed to terms with #2 draft pick 王正棠 (Wang Cheng-Tang), #3 陳品學 (Chen Ping-Hsueh), #4 胡冠俞 (Hu Kuan-Yu) and #9 蕭憶銘 (Hsiao Yi-Ming). Official signing press conference to be held on the July 19th.
    • Signed undrafted free agent RHP 張竣龍 (Chang Chun-Lung) to a developmental contract. Guardians did not release the contract detail.

Uni-Lions 2018 Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionContract Details (Annual $USD)
1古林睿煬 (Gu-Lin Jui-Yang)RHP-
2張偉聖 (Chang Wei-Sheng)Outfielder-
3劉軒荅 (Liu Hsuan-Ta)RHP-
4李丞齡 (Li Cheng-Ling)Catcher-
5方建德 (Fang Chien-Te)RHP-
6林靖凱 (Lin Ching-Kai)Infielder-
7姚雨翔 (Yao Yu-Hsiang)Infielder-

July Signing News

Chinatrust Brothers 2018 Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionContract Details (Annual $USD)
1李振昌 (C.C Lee)RHP3.5 years deal / Annual salary $248,000 / $34,000 per season incentive
2高宇杰 (Kao Yu-Chieh)Catcher-
3江坤宇 (Chiang Kun-Yu)Infielder-
4吳俊偉 (Wu Chun-Wei)RHP-
5王奕凱 (Wang Yi-Kai)LHP-
6王政順 (Wang Cheng-Shun)Infielder-
7林丞軒 (Lin Cheng-Hsuan)RHP-
8吳俊杰 (Wu Chun-Chieh)RHPWill not sign, back to University

July Signing News

  • 10th July – Chinatrust Brothers
    • Signed #1 draft pick RHP 李振昌 (C.C Lee) for 3.5 years with an annual salary of $248,000 and $34,000 per season in incentives.
  • 16th July – Chinatrust Brothers
    • #8 draft pick RHP 吳俊杰 (Wu Chun-Chieh) have confirmed that he will not sign with the Brothers. The 21-year-old RHP have decided to go back to Kainan University for another year.

Lamigo Monkeys 2018 Signing Tracker

RoundNamePositionContract Details (Annual $USD)
1翁瑋均 (Weng Wei-Chun)RHP-
2陳晨威 (Chen Chen-Wei)Infielder-
3邱丹 (Chiu Tan)Outfielder-
4賴智垣 (Lai Chih-Yuan)RHPBonus $84,000 / Annual salary $30,000 / Incentive $6,700
5陳克羿 (Chen Ke-Yi)RHPBonus $60,000 / Annual salary $20,000 / Incentive $6,700
6江國謙 (Chiang Kuo-Chien)RHP-
7范柏絜 (Fan Po-Chieh)RHP-

July Signing News

  • 18th July – Lamigo Monkeys.
    • Signed #4 draft pick RHP 賴智垣 (Lai Chih-Yuan) for $84,000 with an annual salary of $30,000 and $6,700 in incentive.
    • Signed #5 draft pick RHP 陳克羿 (Chen Ke-Yi) for $60,000 with an annual salary of $20,000 and $6,700 in incentive.

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    • Yeah, it’s no NPB or KBO money. But still a decent paycheck for minor league players. Less traveling, less income tax, accommodation and meals are covered by the team too.


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