Team Taiwan has announced the 24-man roster for the upcoming 2018 U-23 Baseball World Cup in Barranquilla, Colombia. Among those, there are two CPBL rookies, the Chinatrust Brothers’ 高宇杰 (Kao Yu-Chieh) and 王政順 (Wang Cheng-Shun).

12 nations will compete for the bi-annual WBSC title from September 19-29. With Taiwan, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, Mexico and Columbia in Group A. While Group B will have Korea, Australia, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Taiwan’s U-23 Squad Training Camp Schedule

In preparation for the tournament, the U-23 team will start the training camp on September 17 in Taiwan. During that time, the young squad will have a series of practice games against teams from the CPBL’s minor league and the Industrial League.

From October 1-12, the team will travel to Matsuyama, Japan for the second phase of the training camp. According to the CTBA press release, while in Japan, the team will have six practice games with the team from Japan’s Industrial League.

Taiwan’s 2018 U-23 Baseball World Cup Roster

Using the 2018 World University Baseball Championship team as the backbone, the Taiwanese U-23 squad is made up predominately with university players.

  • 17 University players
  • 4 Industrial League players
  • 3 Professional players
    • CPBL: 高宇杰 (Kao Yu-Chieh) Chinatrust Brothers 2018 2nd round draft pick
    • CPBL: 王政順 (Wang Cheng-Shun) Chinatrust Brothers 2018 6th round draft pick
    • MiLB: 林凱威 (Lin Kai-Wei) Arizona Diamondbacks Class A Short Season
林凱威 (Lin Kai-Wei)RHPMiLB (Short A)Arizona Diamondbacks
蘇俊璋 (Su Chun-Chang)RHPUniversityCulture University
胡臻典 (Hu Chen-Tien)RHPIndustrial LeagueNew Taipei City
蘇勝鴻 (Su Sheng-Hung)RHPUniversityCulture University
江國豪 (Chiang Kuo-Hao)RHPUniversityTUS
陳良志 (Chen Liang-Chih)RHPIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Power Company
鄭浩均 (Cheng Hao-Chun)RHPUniversityNTSU
藍愷青 (Lan Kai-Ching)LHPUniversityNTSU
吳承諭 (Wu Cheng-Yu)RHPUniversityKainan University
魏碩成 (Wei Shuo-Cheng)LHPUniversityFar East University
林安可 (Lin An-Ko)LHPUniversityCulture University
高宇杰 (Kao Yu-Chieh)CatcherCPBLChinatrust Brothers
姚冠瑋 (Yao Kuan-Wei)CatcherUniversityCulture University
蘇煒智 (Su Wei-Chih)CatcherUniversityTUS
王政順 (Wang Cheng-Shun)InfielderCPBLChinatrust Brothers
劉致榮 (Liu Chih-Jung)InfielderUniversityCulture University
李育全 (Li Yu-Chuan)InfielderIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Power Company
李承恩 (Li Chen-En)InfielderUniversityNTSU
李凱威 (Li Kai-Wei)InfielderUniversityCulture University
張文賢 (Chang Wen-Hsien)InfielderUniversityTUS
朱祥麟 (Chu Hsiang-Lin)InfielderUniversityKainan University
洪瑋漢 (Hung Wei-Han)OutfielderUniversityTUS
葉浚琳 (Yeh Chun-Lin)OutfielderUniversityNTSU
陳彥穎 (Chen Yen-Ying)OutfielderIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Power Company


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