Phillies Signed Second Taiwanese Hurler in 2018

After months of speculations, it seems the Philadelphia Phillies have signed 19-year-old right-handed pitcher 徐基麟 (Hsu Chi-Ling). At this stage, there is no news about Hsu’s signing bonus.

The last time Hsu was in the news was in June this year, and according to the rumour at that time, Hsu received offers from the Phillies, Orioles and the Indians organisations. However, due to his pre-existing injury, the offers were not high.

Quick Facts About 徐基麟 (Hsu Chi-Ling)

Hsu Chi-Ling is 187cm, 75kg and was clocked throwing 148kph with his fastball in the high school tournament. He represented Taiwan in the U-15 Baseball World Cup back in 2014 and was once again selected for the U-18 National Team in 2017, but stayed on the disabled list throughout the tournament.

Shortly after the U-18 Baseball World Cup, Hsu was diagnosed with a tear in the right elbow ligament and required PRP treatment. In 2018, he joined the Taichung Athletics in Taiwan’s Industrial League and only appeared 2.2 innings as a reliever. (13.5 ERA, 1.50 WHIP)


  1. Given CC Lee’s success since signing with the Brothers and how well the Brothers have played in the second half following a dreadful first half, I wonder if CPBL teams will once again consider signing foreign closers next off-season. Good starters are more valuable than great closers, but it might be easier to identify one or two potential great closers than it is to identify good starters. The Mexican League has always got closers like Chad Gaudin and Josh Lueke this year who would be good bets for the CPBL.

  2. Having a strong closer like C.C. Lee definitely help the Brothers tremendously in the second half season. If a team that’s going to have a foreign closer/ reliever, it is probably going to be the Uni-Lions, as their domestic pitching depth (starting pitcher-wise) is good enough in the league to have a foreign closer in their squad.

    As for C.C. Lee let’s wait and watch. It seems the CPBL batters are starting to get a hang of him now. The contacts were harder and harder in the last few games. I think Lee mentioned that he will have to start using his forkball/ splitter next season.


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