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Rakuten Monkeys News: Ryan Carpenter

On January 11, the Rakuten Monkeys announced the signing of Ryan Carpenter. The 29-year-old left-hander was active in the MLB from 2018 to 2019 and started 14 games for the Detroit Tigers.

“Playing in Taiwan is a brand new exciting chapter in my professional career,” said Ryan Carpenter. “I’m actively learning about the league and will report to the Monkeys in the best condition.”

Ryan Carpenter began his professional career with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2011 and reached Triple-A level with the Rockies in 2016. A few seasons later, he eventually made his MLB debut with the Detroit Tigers on April 1, 2018. During his time in the Major League, Carpenter appeared 15 games and posted a combined record of 8.57 ERA, 1.77 WHIP over 63 innings.

Ryan Carpenter’s Pitching Repertoire

Based on the 2019 scouting report, Ryan Carpenter throws a fastball, slider, sinker, changeup and curve. While he doesn’t throw an overpowering fastball, he has a quality slider and curveball in his arsenal to generate outs.

  • Slider (28.3%) – 81.5mph
  • Four-seam fastball (22.8%) – 90.0mph
  • Sinker (22.3%) – 89.8mph
  • Changeup (14.6%) – 83.3mph
  • Curve (12%) – 76.1mph

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  1. Ryan Carpenter pitched pretty well at AAA last year, but his season ended a month early due to left elbow problems. That made me think he was an unlikely candidate for the CPBL, but obviously I was mistaken. The question with him is whether his elbow is healthy enough for a full CPBL season.


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