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Rakuten Monkeys News: Henry Sosa

On July 7, the Rakuten Monkeys have released Henry Sosa. According to the team, Henry Sosa requested to be let go so he could pursue other opportunities in the Mexican League.

“We respected Henry Sosa’s decision, and both sides decided to terminate the contract for the season,” said the Monkeys via the press release. “We thank Sosa for all his contributions.”

With the current Monkeys’ foreign players, Dylan Covey, Ryan Bollinger and Bradin Hagens performing well this season, there just isn’t much first-team opportunity for Henry Sosa. The 36-year-old former CPBL ace spent the majority of his 2022 season on the Monkeys farm team.

The Monkeys briefly called up Henry Sosa to the first team back in May when both Dylan Covey and Ryan Bollinger were injured. In the span of five starts, Sosa posted a 2.73 ERA and 1.18 WHIP over 33 innings of work. However, he was sent down to the farm team when Covey and Bollinger returned from the injured list.

With Henry Sosa departing, the Monkeys told the media they are now looking for a new foreign pitcher. According to the Monkeys manager, they are reviewing five or six potential candidates and should be able to make a decision soon.

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  1. Interesting that the Monkeys thought that closer Bradin Hagens was worth more to them than starter Sosa. The Monkeys are in first place, so I guess they feel pretty good about their foreign pitcher situation. Did Sosa have his own injury problems this year?

    • No injury this year. But he is no longer the old “power pitcher” Henry Sosa.

      Also a bit unlucky for Henry Sosa this year. Because he is a solid #3 starting pitcher, it just the Monkeys domestic pitchers are good enough to carry the starting roles, that’s why no spot for Sosa in the first team.

      Sosa velocity dropped a lot this year. From 150+ kph to early 140. He is pretty much using his experience to pitch. I personally would keep monitoring him during this winter and will probably bring him back again as the 4th pitcher next season.

  2. According to DanielKim, a CTBC Brothers foreign pitcher is likely heading to a KBO team.

    My guessing : Shawn Morimando to Doosan Bears.


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