Possible amateurs that might be part of 2016 mid-season draft

After the U21 tournament (Under 21), 8 players from the U21 squad were picked up by CPBL and NPB. Including Lamigo’s super rookie 王柏融.

As previously mentioned, the U23 National development squad are now preparing for the upcoming U23 tournament (Under 23). There are several high profile university players from the U23 roster expressed interest publicly to be part of the CPBL mid-season draft. Which is at the end of June.

Below is the list with some brief profile about them:

University Players

Name DOB School Position
楊岱均 1993 NTSU 1B, 2B, 3B

Captain of the U21 National team. Known for his power in his high school day in wooden bat division.

Name DOB School Position
蘇智傑 1994 CCU 1B, 2B, OF

Batted #4 in the U21 National team. After high school he had a huge improvement in his power. Has told the pressed that he would like to enter the draft as 2B.

Name DOB School Position
詹子賢 1994 CCU OF

A pitcher turned position player. Played last year CPBL winter league as OF with the record of 0.354AVG, 0.500SLUG with 12RBI over 15 games.

Name DOB School Position
楊志龍 1993 CCU P

MVP of the division 1 baseball back in 2014 (0.00 ERA over 27 IP)

Name DOB School Position
黃子鵬 1994 CCU P

Side arm right hander clocking at mid 140s.

Name DOB School Position
王玉譜 1996 KNU P

Left hand pitcher with over 150kph fastball.

Name DOB School Position
森榮鴻 1994 NTSU P

Nephew of Brothers CF 張志豪. Was able to throw 150kmph in high school. Had elbow surgery after high school. After years of rehabs he is now able to pitch again and topping at 147kph.

Name DOB School Position
張閔勛 1994 CCU C

Vice captain of this year U23 tournament. One of the key man at the 2015 Universidade game with several clutch hits.

Name DOB School Position
李宗賢 1994 NTSU 3B/ IF

Third baseman during the U21 tournament.

Name DOB School Position
呂彥青 1996 NTSU P

Lefty was part of the U18 Squad, unfortunately was injured after the tournament. After several years of rehabs, he is not one of the ace at NTSU. And was selected as a member of the Premier 12 Taiwanese National team.

Name DOB School Position
宋文華 1996 NTSU P

Flame throwing right hander with top speed at 155kmph. Had expressed interests wanting to challenge himself and playing professional baseball in the MLB system publicly.

Name DOB School Position
廖任磊 1993 KNU P

Briefly spend 2014 season in the Pirates organisation straight out of Japanese high school. After returning to Taiwan been playing for the KU university while continue his study. He was the National development squad’s closer during 2015’s CPBL Winter League. With his fast ball topping at 154kmph. He finished the winter league season with the record of 1.50ERA, 8H, 2ER, 20SO over 12IP. It has been reported that several NPB and MLB scouts had approached him after his performance last year.

Name DOB School Position
陳傑憲 1994 Taiwan Power Co. OF

After his successful performance in the U21. People was surprised that Chen did not applied for the CPBL draft, instead joining the industrial league. When asked about that, Chen said he doesn’t believe he is ready for professional baseball at the moment and would like to further developing himself at the industrial league. His goal was to join CPBL in 2 years of time.

Name DOB School Position
曹佑寧 1994 FJU OF

Star of the 2014 baseball movie KANO, been the go-to leadoff batter for the U21 and National development squad. Very popular amongst young people. Currently undecided whether he want to play professional baseball or become celebrity in Taiwan. It has been reported that both Lions and Brothers has approached him.

High School players

Name DOB School Position
申皓瑋 1997 KYVS OF
李吳永衡 1998 KYVS P
陳琥 1998 KPVS P/IF


There’s rumour that 陳品捷 from the Reds system will returning at the end of this season to join CPBL. Chen was originally signed by the Cubs as 2B straight out of high school in 2009 for USD300,000. He spent his 2013 ~ 2016 season in Cubs and Reds 2A team.


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