There is a saying about the managers in the CPBL, “You hired them so they to be fired later.” When thinking about it, there is some truth to it for most of the CPBL managers in the past 29 seasons. It is rare to see a manager who stays in the role for a long term.

Despite the short shelf life, it seems the “industry standard” does not apply to the Lamigo Monkeys’ manager 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung), as the 57-year-old manager has recorded his 800th win as a manager last night.

After 14 seasons, Hong is now the CPBL record holder for the most wins (800) as the manager and also the manager with the most Taiwan Series Championships (5).

Journey to 800 Wins: Managerial Record

Hong I-Chung Taiwan Series Record

  • 2006 – 1st Taiwan Series for the franchise (4-0 Uni-Lions)
  • 2007 – Runner-up in Taiwan Series (3-4 Uni-Lions)
  • 2011 – Runner-up in Taiwan Series (1-4 Uni-Lions)
  • 2012 – 2nd Taiwan Series Championship (4-1 Uni-Lions)
  • 2014 – 3rd Taiwan Series Championship (4-1 Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 2015 – 4th Taiwan Series Championship (4-3 Chinatrust Brothers)
  • 2017 – 5th Taiwan Series Championship (4-1 Chinatrust Brothers)

Win Milestone as Manager

  • 1st win: 2004/6/19
  • 100th win: 2006/7/12
  • 200th win: 2008/5/07
  • 300th win: 2011/3/26
  • 400th win: 2012/8/04
  • 500th win: 2014/4/24
  • 600th win: 2015/8/25
  • 700th win: 2017/5/21
  • 800th win: 2018/8/17

Hong I-Chung 800th Win Merchandise/ Documentary

According to the Lamigo Monkeys, the team has prepared a mini-documentary which captured Hong I-Chung’s journey to his 800th win. Fans will be able to watch it on the Lamigo TV on August 27th.

Apart from the documentary, a series of Hong I-Chung merchandise have also been announced last night. The merchandise features Hong as 諸葛亮 (Zhuge Liang), a famous military strategist from the Three Kingdoms period (Year 220 to 280).


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