CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #61

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Uni-Lions News: David Martinez

After giving up seven runs in four innings on August 15th against the Monkeys. The Uni-Lions have decided to released David Martinez yesterday.

“Martinez is not the same after his foot injury,” said the Uni-Lions manager Huang Kan-Lin. “After our management meeting, we decided to release him.”

David Martinez finished his 2018 CPBL season with a 7.73 ERA and 1.76 WHIP over 75.2 innings.

Uni-Lions News: Chinen Kohya

With Martinez departing, the Uni-Lions will call up the Japanese LHP Chinen Kohya (知念広弥) to the first team.

Chinen, who was signed as the fourth back up foreign pitcher. Who has been waiting for his opportunity in the farm team since March. In 16 farm team starts, Chinen posted a 3.10 ERA and 1.08 WHIP over 81.1 innings of work.

“It’s a perfect timing, Chinen can help strengthening our bullpen,” said the manager Huang Kan-Lin. “There is a possibility we will give him a chance to start next week.”

When being asked how he felt about the recent signing of Andy Van Hekken, Chinen Kohya gave a rather positive answer.

“I am fully aware of the new foreign player, but I don’t think too much of it,” said Chinen Kohya. “I am just grateful to be given the opportunity to pitch in the first team.”

Chinen went on, “Regardless of what happen after the August 31st, I have no regrets. What I will do now is to show the team what I learnt in the past 5 months in the farm team.”

Japanese Pitchers in Uni-Lions History

松永幸男 (Matsunaga Yukio) 1997 17 2 15 3.42 1.23 44.2 16 35
金森隆浩 (Kanamori Takahiro) 1998 22 10 12 3.09 1.56 70.0 33 36
石川雅実 (Ishikawa Masami) 2004 3 1 2 7.88 1.63 8.0 6 7
成本年秀 (Narimoto Toshinide) 2005 6 6 0 3.90 1.41 27.2 13 19
鎌田祐哉 (Kamada Yuya) 2012 26 25 1 3.15 1.14 171.1 26 119
知念広弥 (Chinen Kohya) 2018

Further Readings

Foreign players come and goes, therefore we have compiled a foreign players tracker to keep track of all the foreign players for the 2018 CPBL season.


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