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CTBC Brothers News: Shawn Morimando

On December 25, the CTBC Brothers GM revealed to Liberty Sports that they have agreed to terms with Shawn Morimando for the 2023 season. The 30-year-old American left-hander is set to return to Taiwan for his third season in the CPBL.

Although the Brothers never officially announced the signing, fast forward to January 24, Shawn Morimando kind of confirmed the news himself via his Instagram with the message “Taiwan Bound. See Yall Soon!!”

Shortly after the Instagram post by Morimando, the CTBC Brothers confirmed and announced the signing.

According to the Brothers GM, the team signed Shawn Morimando to a full-season contract with no escape clause. This means the Brothers will not have to worry about losing Morimando to the KBO or NPB teams mid-season.

Shawn Morimando began his 2022 season in the CPBL with the CTBC Brothers. In over 15 games, he posted a dominating 2.56 ERA, 1.19 WHIP over 91.1 innings.

Due to his eye-opening performance, Morimando attracted the attention of the KBO. On July 12, the SSG Landers announced they had purchased Shawn Morimando’s contract from the CTBC Brothers.

After moving to Korea, Shawn Morimando showed no problems adjusting to a new league. He finished the 2022 KBO season with a solid 1.67 ERA and 1.06 WHIP over 75.1 innings of work.

As of today, the Brothers now have Jose De Paula, Francisco Peña, Michael Viza and Shawn Morimando as their foreign players.

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  1. Obviously a good re-sign by the Brothers. It was certainly surprising that no KBO team would bring Morimondo back for 2023. I thought there was a chance that the NC Dinos would sign him when they became the last KBO team looking to sign a second foreign pitcher.

    • I think maybe that is the reason why the Brothers did not “officially announce” the signing until yesterday. Maybe Morimando’s agent was still trying to land a KBO contract.


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