2017 CPBL Draft First, Second Round Predictions

The 2017 CPBL draft is upon us once again.  A record high 96 talented amateurs are eligible to participate the draft and will get the opportunity to turn professional.  (Read more about the pre-draft selection tryout here)

Draft pick strategy for each team

Will they pick high school prospects and spend time develop them? Or select players that are CPBL top team ready and trying to get a boost in the 2nd half season?  Earlier this week, we posted a pre-draft team overview here.  Which briefly talk about each team’s current weakness, hopefully that will give some insight for the upcoming draft.

2016 CPBL draft – 73 players participated – 36 drafted.

2017 CPBL draft predictions

The team at CPBL STATS have put together our mock draft for the first 2 rounds based on each team’s needs, along with some quick facts about each player.  Without further ado, here’s our predictions.

1st round predictions

Lamigo Monkeys – 廖健富 (Liao Chien-Fu) – 28/09/1998 – C/1B

The high school prospect was named the best catcher of the Asian U18 tournament in 2016.  According to scouts, Liao is on another level comparing with players at his own age.

Uni-Lions – 陳重羽 (Chen Chung-Yu) – 14/09/1995 – C/OF

A national team regular, was part of the U18 national team, national development squad and the U23 national team.  The upcoming summer Universiade games will be his last international tournament before turning pro.  Chen is considered to be CPBL top team ready.

Chinatrust Brothers – 岳東華 (Yueh Tung-Hua) – 19/10/1995 – 2B/SS/3B

Another national team regular, was named the best 3B of the U23 tournament in 2016.  Known for his quick powerful swing.  A lot of coaches are comparing him with Lamigo Monkeys 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung)

Fubon Guardians – 楊晉豪 (Yang Chin-Hao) – 16/09/1998 – 2B/SS/3B

Hard hitting high school prospect with great defensive ability.  On the same level as 廖健富 (Liao Chien-Fu) with a little less power.  A natural born leader on the field.

2nd round predictions

Lamigo Monkeys – 陳重廷 (Chen Chung-Ting) – 14/09/1995 – 3B

Great defensive ability, good plate discipline and is able to hit for power.  The only concern is has a history of injuries.

Uni-Lions – 陳品捷 (Chen Pin-Chieh) – 23/07/1991 – 2B/CF

Former Chicago Cubs farmhand peaked at 2A.  Chen is one of the players in this draft that is considered to be CPBL top team ready.  Known to be a line drive hitter with great speed.

Chinatrust Brothers – 黃恩賜 (Huang En-Sih) – 17/05/1996 – SP

Perhaps one of the biggest surprise in this 2017 draft.  As Huang was widely considered to be the top amateur pitcher a few years ago and expected to play in the oversea market after graduate from university.

Which brings another question, why Huang did not sign with any MLB or NPB team?  It seems that Huang is in bit of a pitching slump towards the end of 2016 season, perhaps it’s fatigue related.  As his trademark 151kph (94mph) fastball with great movement is no where to be found.  Since then, Huang’s fastball is back to around 145kph (90mph).

Fubon Guardians – 林立 (Lin Li) – 01/01/1996 – 2B, SS

The last few years Lin has been batting lead off spot of the national development squad, Lin is known to have great plate coverage and decent speed.  Doesn’t hit a lot of extra base hit, but is able to put balls in play and get on base.

3rd & 4th round potential pick (Not in any particular order)

王鴻程 (Wang Hung-Cheng) – 08/09/1991 – RHP – Hard throwing RHP, able to hit 150kph+ consistently (Video here)

吳蔚驊 (Wu Wei-Hua) – 15/03/1991 – RHP – Drafted by EDA Rhinos in 6th round of the 2016 draft, however did not sign due to contract disagreement.  3/4 delivery with fastball topping at 150kph. (Video here)

萬昭清 (Wan Chao-Ching) – 18/01/1999 – RHP – Extensive international tournament experience, played for the U12, U15 and U18 Taiwanese national team.  (Video here)

范國宸 (Fan Kuo-Chen) – 25/11/1994 – IF – Currently part of the national development squad. (Video here)

羅國華 (Lo Kuo-Hua) – 28/10/1992 – RHP – Former Minnesota Twins farmhand reached 1A.  Lo is able hit 150kph on the radar but is known for having command/ confident issues in the past. (Video here)

林逸翔 (Lin Yi Hsiang) – 16/12/1995 – LHP – Former Baltimore Orioles farmhand peaked at 1A.  Lin spent 2017 season in Japan playing for the Shikoku Island League.  With all 4 teams are lack of LHP bullpen, might be a good pick up after 3rd round? (Video here)

彭名宇 (Peng Ming-Yu) – 07/12/1995 – OF – Probably the fastest player in this draft able to get on 1st base within 3.7 seconds.  Peng represented Taiwan in the U18 tournament back in 2013. (Video here)

楊翔皓 (Yang Hsiang-Hao) – 17/03/1994 – RHP – Submarine pitcher that pass the 2017 pre-draft tryout (Video here)

Video sources

Great YouTube channels for the coverage of Taiwanese amateur baseball scene.  Be sure to subscribe them.


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