Team overview before the 2017 CPBL draft

The 2017 CPBL mid-season draft will take place on the 3rd of July.  Just before the draft, let’s have a review of each team’s weakness, and hopefully it will give us some insight on which players the team will go for in the upcoming draft.  (Here’s our 1st and 2nd round predictions)

CPBL ready or High school gems?

Will team pick high school prospects and spend time developing them? Or pick players that are CPBL top team ready?  That’s always the questions fans are wondering every year at the draft.

From looking at the current rosters of teach teams.  Lamigo Monkeys (1st draft order) and Chinatrust Brothers (3rd draft order) are able to investing in high school prospects and spending time to develop them in the farm league.

While it’s another story for Uni-Lions (2nd draft order) and Fubon Guardians (4th draft order) as both teams are in need for players that are CPBL top team ready.

Lamigo Monkeys

  • Need starting pitchers.  At the moment the only domestic starters in the top team are LHP 王溢正 (Wang Yi-Cheng) and 22-year old 林樺慶 (Lin Hua-Ching).  While several young high school starting pitcher they picked up in 2015 and 2016 draft are still in development and not top team ready.
With the possibility of Wang Po-Jung playing oversea after 2018 season. Monkeys will have gap in the outfield.
  • Need a real CF.  With 詹智堯 (Chan Chih-Yao) & 陽耀勳 (Yang Yao-Hsun) both turning 34 years old this year.  And with the possibility of 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) playing oversea after 2018 season.  Monkeys will have a huge gap in the outfield.


  • Need catcher.  With 36-year-old veteran 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang) as primary catcher of the organisation.  Lions currently don’t have players that’s CPBL top team ready.  If they’re able to pick up a CPBL ready university catcher, it will certainly relieve some pressure from the aging veteran.
    Kao Chih-Kang at age of 36 still the primary catcher for Uni-Lions. Need a backup plan

    Need power hitting 1B.  With 高國慶 (Kao Kuo-Ching) turning 40 next year.  Lions is in need for someone to take over.

Chinatrust Brothers

  • Relievers.  Last few seasons, the problem with Chinatrust Brothers is with their bullpen.  By having a few more reliable relievers it will definitely help the current situation.
Need to look for/ develop the next Chang Chih-Hao from high school prospects.
  • Outfielders.  Although there are players that’s able to take over 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao) & 張正偉 (Chang Cheng-Wei), Brothers needs to start looking long term and maybe investing in a few high school prospects.

Fubon Guardians

  • Need catcher.  Despite having 林琨笙 (Lin Kun-Sheng) & 方克偉 (Fang Ke-Wei), both of them are a bit inconsistent especially in the offensive department.  Earlier this year there was some rumour of Guardians are interested in trading for Monkeys prospect 張閔勛 (Chang Min-Hsun).
Kao Kuo-Hui is expect to have season ending surgery on his wrist.


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