All 陳金鋒 CPBL career walk-off videos

On 20th May. The retiring slugger 陳金鋒 hit a walk-off hit at the bottom of the 9th. It is his 6th walk-off hit in his CPBL career.

Chen is also the current CPBL walk-off homer record holder with 4HR. The current CPBL walk-off hit record is being hold by 林仲秋(1990~2002) & 張泰山 (1996~2015) both at 7.

Below are all the walk-off record on video for Chen.

1 – 2006/AUG/1

  • First career walk-off home run
  • Bottom of 10th
  • Out of the stadium
  • Count: 2S, 0B, 0O

2 – 2007/APR/7

  • Previous pitch he fouls it but catcher missed the catch. Chen homer and end the game with the next pitch
  • Bottom of 11th
  • Count: 1B/2S/1O

3 – 2008/APR/18

  • Bottom of 9th – Bases loaded
  • Count: 2B/0S/1O

4 – 2011/MAY/11

  • Bottom of 12th – 2 run home run
  • Count: 1B/0S/0O

5 – 2012/APR/14

  • Bottom of 10th – 2 run home run
  • Count: 1B/0S/2O

6 – 2016/MAY/20

  • Bottom of 9th – runner on 1st and 2nd
  • Count: 0B/1S/2O


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