CPBL Foreign Players Updates Volume #273

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Wei Chuan Dragons News: Tim Melville

The Wei Chuan Dragons have lost another foreign starter due to injury. On May 27, the Dragons announced the release of Tim Melville.

According to the team, Tim Melville has suffered injuries in the elbow and tendon. Early diagnosis indicated that Melville would require a minimum of 3-4 months of rest.

“Considering we only signed Tim Melville for half a season, and his contract expires at the end of June. Therefore, we made the decision to part ways with him,” the Dragons manager told TSNA.

Tim Melville only pitched three games for the Wei Chuan Dragons this season. He finished his 2023 CPBL season with a 9.24 ERA and 1.50 WHIP over 12.2 innings.

The Wei Chuan Dragons GM revealed that they are currently in talks with 3-4 potential foreign pitcher candidates, but everything is still being determined.

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