Goodbye Koboko, Safe Travel!

I have to go now. My planet needs me. And just like that, there are only three official mascots remaining in the Monkeys organisation.

On May 15, the Rakuten Monkeys announced that Koboko, everyone’s favourite intergalactic traveller, would be making its final appearance as the Monkeys’ mascot after spending almost two years on Earth working for the Monkeys organisation.

“I will return home and embark on further exploration of the universe. Cheering for the Monkeys alongside all the fans will forever be one of my fondest memories on Earth,” said Koboko.

On May 17, the Rakuten Monkeys will hold a pre-game farewell ceremony for the hyperactive green humanoid that resembles a giant Kobo eReader.With Koboko leaving the Monkeys, the team now have Victor, Monkeys and Rocky left as their official mascots.


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