Uni-Lions Showcase Weekend Uniform

To celebrate the team’s 30th anniversary, the Uni-Lions have unveiled their weekend uniform for the 2019 CPBL season. With the Uni-Lions being the only active original CPBL founding member, the team will proudly display their 2019 slogan “PROUD” across the chest.

Return of the Classic Pinstripes

The Uni-Lions once again appointed their long time collaboration partner Filter017 design studio to be in charge of this project. The design was inspired by the team’s white and green pinstripes from the 1991 season with a splash of black and orange elements to keep the overall design in line with the Uni-Lions’ new colour scheme.

The Uni-Lions will debut their new weekend uniform on March 24 at Tainan Stadium against the Fubon Guardians.

1991 Uni-Lions’ Pinstripes Uniform


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