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Uni-Lions News: Logan Ondrusek

On August 31, the Uni-Lions announced the re-signing of Logan Ondrusek for the 2024 CPBL season. The 38-year-old American right-hander is set to return to Taiwan for his third season in the CPBL.

Despite being on the injured list with a fractured finger, Logan Ondrusek was released by the Uni-Lions earlier today before the trade deadline, only to be immediately re-signed for the next season. According to the team, Logan Ondrusek will receive a 12% pay rise in his 2024 salary. As always, the team did not reveal the full contract details.

“We are very grateful for Logan Ondrusek’s contribution to the team in the past two years, and even though he is still injured, we wanted to finalise the contract for next season as soon as possible, allowing him to focus more on rehabilitation in the offseason and prepare for 2024,” the Uni-Lions general manager told ETtoday.

Logan Ondrusek started the 2023 season like an ace. His performance was so dominating that, at one stage, he had a legitimate shot at winning the pitching triple crown for this season.

Unfortunately, on July 21, Logan Ondrusek fractured his index finger while trying to catch a comebacker with his bare hand and has been sidelined ever since. It eventually led to him being let go early by the Uni-Lions.

“His condition will not be 100% ready until October. But right now, the team needs starting pitchers, and we can not wait for him,” said the Uni-Lions manager.

Prior to Logan Ondrusek’s injury, he posted an outstanding 2.35 ERA and 1.01 WHIP over 84.1 innings.

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