2024 CPBL Foreign Player Signing Tracker

Foreign players come and go. So, here is the 2024 CPBL foreign player tracker. We will continue to update this blog post throughout the season. [Last updated: March 1, 2024]

Jasier HerreraWei Chuan DragonsTriple-A / NPB1DEC 18, 2023-
Bryan WoodallWei Chuan DragonsTriple-A10JAN 23, 2024-
Drew GagnonWei Chuan DragonsMLB / KBO4FEB 6, 2024-
Tyler EpplerWei Chuan DragonsNPB / KBO2FEB 6, 2024-
Rio GomezWei Chuan DragonsTriple-A1FEB 6, 2024-
Shunsuke SuzukiRakuten MonkeysJapan's Indie1NOV 11, 2023-
Pedro FernándezRakuten MonkeysTriple-A2JAN 18, 2024-
Manny BañuelosRakuten MonkeysMLB / NPB3JAN 23, 2024-
Marcelo MartinezRakuten MonkeysTriple-A1FEB 7, 2024-
Logan OndrusekUni-LionsMLB / NPB3AUG 31, 2023
Brock DykxhoornUni-LionsTriple-A / KBO5DEC 27, 2023-
Mario SanchezUni-LionsTriple-A / KBO2DEC 27, 2023-
Jake KalishUni-LionsTriple-A1FEB 2, 2024-
Héctor PérezUni-LionsMLB1MAR 2, 2024
Shawn MorimandoCTBC BrothersMLB / KBO4APR 21, 2023
José De PaulaCTBC BrothersMLB5JAN 17, 2024-
Kirk McCartyCTBC BrothersMLB / KBO1JAN 17, 2024-
Daniel MengdenCTBC BrothersMLB / KBO1JAN 17, 2024-
Eric StoutCTBC BrothersMLB2JAN 21, 2024-
Enderson FrancoFubon GuardiansMLB / KBO3JAN 14, 2024-
Nivaldo RodríguezFubon GuardiansMLB1JAN 15, 2024-
Brandon BrennanFubon GuardiansMLB1JAN 26, 2024-
Keyvius SampsonFubon GuardiansMLB / KBO3FEB 8, 2024-
Shōtarō KasaharaTSG HawksNPB1NOV 27, 2023-
Kento OnoderaTSG HawksJapan's Indie1DEC 17, 2023-
Nick MargeviciusTSG HawksMLB1JAN 22, 2024-
Steven MoyaTSG HawksMLB / NPB1JAN 24, 2024-
Reymin GuduanTSG HawksMLB1JAN 26, 2024-
Bradin HagensTSG HawksMLB / NPB4MAR 1, 2024-


  1. What’s the rule about how many foreign players can keep on the roster in 2024. Is it three pitchers and one position player? If so, the Hawks should sign one more foreign pitcher and one more foreign position player.

    • They can technically sign as many as they want and keep them in the minor league. Each team can only “register” 4 foreign players, those 4 would be eligible for call-up and down between CPBL major league and minor league. Each team can only keep 3 “registered foreign players” in the major league. Once a team “de-register” a foreign player, they can not “re-register” them again.

      TSG Hawks this season can have 4 “registered foreign players” in the major league, as long it’s not all pitchers or hitters. So yeah, they can sign maybe another foreign pitcher, don’t register him and just stash him in the minor league as backup.

  2. It seems like the Guardians, Uni-Lions and Monkeys should all sign a fifth foreign pitcher, most likely out of the Indy-A leagues (Japan or U.S.), to pitch at the minor league level so that they have a fifth pitcher on hand when one of the first four foreigners gets hurt or pitches badly and needs to be released.


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