2018 CPBL Winter League: Teams Announcement

The CPBL has announced the five teams that will participate in the 2018 Asia Winter Baseball League. Returning for the sixth season, the CPBL winter league will feature teams from Taiwan (1), Japan (3) and Korea (1).

From November 24 to December 16, prospects from the CPBL, NPB and the KBO will gather in Taiwan to further develop themselves during the off-season. Each team will play 16 games during the three weeks period.

  • Taiwan: CPBL Farm Team All-Star.
  • Japan: NPB East Farm Team All-Star.
  • Japan: NPB West Farm Team All-Star.
  • Korea: KBO Farm Team All-Star.
  • Japan: JABA All-Star (Industrial League).

According to the Team CPBL manager, the formation of the CPBL squad is same as last season. The management team will select the young players that they think have the opportunity to make it to the first team in the future.

The EU All-Star and the WBSC All-Star will not return for the 2018 season, the league, however, did not disclosed the reasoning behind it.


    • The winter league took 2014 off due to funding issue. So, Wang Po-Jung did not participate, or otherwise he will probably played for the Taiwan junior national team that year in the CPBL winter league.

    • Yeah, been following Zack Segovia on Facebook. It’s good to see him doing well after CPBL. I think both of them met each other too at one point.


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